Diamond Promise Rings for Displaying Your Eternal Love

Diamond Promise Ring

Diamond Promise Ring

A promise ring is a symbol of commitment between two people. It might be in the nature of a simple band or even a diamond promise ring. A promise ring is given for various reasons. Promise rings may be given by parents to children, exchanged between best friends, or even gifted by married couples. But the most common promise that a promise ring represents is the commitment to love and remain true. Giving a promise ring is a very simple way of showing that your feelings are deep and that you are there to stay. A promise ring may be exchanged instead of an engagement ring for many reasons – the couple may be too young to get engaged, or they might desire to become financially stable to support a marriage before tying the knot.

Different Types of Commitment with a Promise Ring

Though a promise ring is usually given to symbolize love, it can also be given for various other reasons.

  1. A pre-engagement promise ring is given when lovers have arrived at the decision to get engaged to get married later.
  2. A purity promise ring symbolizes a vow to abstain from sex and remain pure till marriage.
  3. A friendship ring, one of the most commonly exchanged rings, is a ring symbolizing friendship. Both friends should understand clearly that this ring has no romantic connotation and is only a commitment to be there for each other dug the times of need.
  4. Religious promise rings are worn to show commitment towards a particular religion or certain religious beliefs.
  5. Promise rings may also symbolize many other commitments such as breaking a bad habit, keeping a secret, or going for a lifestyle change.

Which Finger should the Promise Ring be put on?

There is no definite rule for wearing a promise ring as long as the commitment for which it is exchanged is not forgotten. A promise ring is usually followed by an engagement ring, and hence, many couples prefer to wear it on the ring finger of the left hand (the traditional wedding ring finger). Later, the promise ring may be shifted to another finger after engagement rings are exchanged. But each finger size differs, and so, if the ring is in the form of a diamond promise ring, it may need alteration afterward. The other alternative is to wear the promise ring on your right hand. This will leave the ring finger free for an engagement ring to be worn at any later time.

Wearing the promise ring on the right-hand saves the trouble of getting the promise ring altered. This alternative also helps in avoiding awkward questions about whether the couple is engaged or not. There are many other ways of wearing a promise ring including wearing it on other fingers of your hands, flaunting it with a necklace around your neck as a pendant, or donning the same as a charm on a bracelet.

Promise Ring Styles and Designs

Since a promise ring is a symbol of commitment to the relationship by a couple and is more often than not followed by an engagement ring, it is generally not as ornate or elaborate as an engagement ring. Moreover, engagement ring designs, such as the diamond promise rings, are likely to be misconstrued. So, low-key promise rings should be the preferred choice to keep the buy well within the budget.

Modern-day promise ring designs come in classic and modern styles including double hearts, heart-shaped gemstones, single hearts with a diamond, intersecting hearts, and artistically designed sterling silver bands.

Personalizing a promise ring can turn a plain simple ring into a promise ring for imparting true personal meaning. Various popular options for a promise ring style include the use of matching birthstones or gemstones for symbolism and color; engraving the ring with names, initials, or even a poem or a sentiment; opting for figural rings like Claddagh rings; or using gemstones with smaller carats.

Promise Ring Engravings

You may like to add layers to the meaning of your promise ring with specific designs. Birthstones make beautiful promise rings and a heart-shaped stone can represent love and romance. Religious promise rings are decorated with doves, angels or crosses. Even plain promise rings or bands can be engraved to add more meaning to the promise and the commitment which has been made.

There are many popular promise ring engravings.

  1. The most common is purity rings with the names of lovers engraved on the same.
  2. A date has some significance such as when the couple first went dating.
  3. A promise to remind the wearer of the couple’s goal.
  4. Phrases that bind the couple together; be a line from any poetry or a lyric from a song.

Promise Ring Etiquette

There is also no fixed way of giving a promise ring. It can be gifted on Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas, or even on a special day that has special significance for both partners. It can also be given anywhere – over a romantic dinner in a restaurant, at the place where you had gone for your first date. Alternatively, such a ring can be kept over a table at home so that it is noticed by your partner!

Although promise rings are not as serious as engagement rings, they should not be treated lightly. A promise ring should be given only after the couple has dated for a significant time, preferably for a year or more. A promise ring is given to express a person’s sincerity and commitment towards the relationship and hence should be treated in all seriousness.

A promise ring is given as a lifelong vow; for many couples, things might not go as planned and the commitment may not be kept. But for many who decide to upgrade from just a promise to a proposal, a promise ring, even though not a diamond promise ring, will usually be followed by a diamond engagement ring for binding the couple in a long-lasting bond.

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