Diamond Cocktail Ring – Say “Cheers” The Dazzling Way

Diamond Cocktail Ring

Diamond Cocktail Ring

Oversized chunky jewelry is in fashion. These chunky pieces attract the attention of people around you. Depending on the occasion, you can choose a sparkling diamond cocktail ring to suit your style and personality.

Do you want to make a fashion statement with fashionable costume jewelry that attracts attention? If yes, then a diamond cocktail ring is definitely for you! These cocktail rings are popular and worn by women who desire to walk the red carpet. They grab the attention of the paparazzi and also of all the people around them. Generally, these cocktail rings are inexpensive because they are made of cheaper material like low-karat gold, and the huge gemstones in them, are imitations. But, off late, real, dazzling diamond cocktail rings are gaining popularity.

Yes, jewelry designers are working overtime in designing these oversized diamond cocktail rings. Depending on the occasion and your budget, you can choose to buy a fairly inexpensive gemstone cocktail ring or a diamond cocktail ring that will surely make heads turn wherever you go.

The Bigger, the Better!

Imagine, you walk into a cocktail party with a black cocktail dress, your hair tied in a loose bun to show off those small diamond studs. But your signature piece of jewelry is the large diamond cocktail ring that you have purchased recently. You adorn it on your well-manicured fingers to grab the attention of everyone at the party. It’s a ring with an oversized ruby set in the centre of a thick white metal band, surrounded by cluster of diamonds. Everyone in the party is going “wowwww” over it. You secretly smile because your purpose has been served, but that’s not the end of it, the attention seeker in you wants more!

So, you go ahead and look for more exotic diamond cocktail rings that you want to own and show off at each party that you attend. The bigger the cocktail ring, the more attention it grabs! Browse the online stores that specialize in diamond cocktail rings, and you will see that there is no dearth of choices. The right kind of cocktail ring totally takes your outfit to the next level. There is one for everyone; all you need to do is spend some time online or with your jeweler who can design that perfect cocktail ring that flatters your fingers – just go for it!

Affordable Cocktail Rings

There is nothing simple about a cocktail ring. These cocktail rings are larger than normal rings, with an oversized centre stone. If these huge rings are to be made with real diamonds set in pure metal bands, then the piece would become very expensive. Therefore, to make these cocktail rings affordable, cheaper materials which are relatively inexpensive are used. For instance, low karat gold, which is plated to suit your choice of color for the band and imitations of diamonds or gemstones of 3 carat or above, can be used as the centre stone.

If the centre stone chosen by you is inexpensive, you can have a bigger ring. The bigger the ring, the better its dazzle is ; and it will catch the eye of one and all. They are genuine stones but with more flaws, making them affordable. The unwritten rule is that these overdone cocktail rings are supposed to be worn on the right hand, ring finger. But yes, you don’t have to follow these unwritten rules, go ahead and try your cocktail ring on any finger you want. Go bold and make a strong statement with a design that suits your style and personality.

Dazzling Diamond Cocktail Rings

Extravagantly designed diamond cocktail rings are meant for the rich and famous. They are gorgeous and high quality cocktail rings. Apart from being a symbol of love, these enduring diamonds on the cocktail rings sport a hint of mischief too. Often known as dinner rings, these sophisticated cocktail rings have unique styles with glittering gemstones.

Jewelry designers and gemologists mix and match a variety of shapes and styles to create unique diamond cocktail rings with extra sparkle, pieces that can be worn on occasions that call for bold accessories. It is important to learn how jewelers and gemologists assess the quality of the diamonds, how they are shaped, graded, and mounted to suit your style and personality. The shape of diamonds affects the appearance of cocktail rings and have to be given due consideration as well.

Jewelers play around with different shapes and cuts to craft unique new styles to suit your personality. Some of the popular shapes are round or brilliant cut diamonds, the princess cut, baguette diamonds and melee diamonds. These diamonds are set in different types of settings like prong setting, pave setting, channel setting and bezel setting. Work with your jeweler to design that perfect diamond cocktail ring.

The four C’s determine the quality of a diamond and its value. Therefore it is important that you understand them well before indulging into the extravagance of a diamond cocktail ring.

  1. Cut
    A well cut diamond has the ability to refract light in such a way that it enhances the brilliance and fire of the stone. The diamond set in a cocktail ring is big; therefore the cut is important for it to sparkle.
  2. Clarity
    Diamonds with minimal internal flaws refract more light, therefore, appear more brilliant. Clearer diamonds with fewer imperfections have more sparkle. So, if you are looking for something grand and sparkling, then, high clarity diamonds are what you should opt for.
  3. Color
    Diamonds are colorless, or so we think. All natural diamonds have a tint of color in them which may not be visible to the naked eye. Therefore, cocktail rings that feature colored diamonds are relatively cheaper than the rings featuring colorless diamonds.
  4. Carat Weight
    Larger diamonds have more carat weight and are much more expensive than smaller diamonds of lesser carat weight.

Way Forward

Be as creative as you want and as extravagant as you want, it’s your choice! If you are looking to make a bold statement with your jewelry, then these diamond cocktail rings are perfect for that big night out.

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