Zirconia Wedding Sets – A Visual Treat That Imparts High Value

Zirconia Wedding Sets

Zirconia Wedding Sets

Zirconia wedding sets always manage to leave a strong impact on the minds of their users and onlookers alike. Give a special touch to your wedding by gifting this precious wedding set to your beloved.

Weddings bring lovers closer to mark their union, and to declare to the world that they are one. It is an important lifetime occasion where well wishers come together to celebrate the love that the bride and groom share for each other. A lot goes into planning the wedding to make it perfect; and this includes the jewellery set that the bride would be wearing along with her wedding dress. In recent times, zirconia wedding sets are becoming more and more popular with those who want to choose nothing but the best in terms of design and elegance.

An Understanding of Zirconia

A precious raw material synthesized from zirconium dioxide, zirconia is a colorless and optically flawless crystal that’s very similar to a diamond. Be it in terms of the cut or design, zirconia is comparatively less expensive than diamonds. This is one of the major reasons why people tend to use Zirconia for the making of wedding sets, rather than diamonds. In other words, zirconia is fast becoming the first choice to reduce the overall cost incurred while purchasing the perfect wedding set.

This synthetic gemstone has been introduced quite recently in the market and has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time. Brides love to flaunt the beauty of high quality zirconia wedding sets as they resemble diamonds to a very large extent. With such a set to complement their trousseau, young brides can look forward to boasting of the glitz and glamour of actual diamond in jewelry sets, without paying a bomb. Since zirconia is synthesized from a parent crystal and generally available in its colorless state, it can be easily crafted with other semi precious / precious stones as per one’s choice. Yes, due to its low cost, zirconia has become an economic competitor for diamonds.

Zirconia Sets for Cherishing the Wedding Day

Zirconia crystals usually flaunt the hardness of diamonds; with jewelers referring to them as ‘created stones’. It’s said that zirconia is the perfect simulation of diamonds and no other crystal has ever been able to equal this for a long time. Zirconia is available in its colorless form and can be used directly, as compared to diamonds that are obtained after a long series of purification steps. Only the purest of diamonds are colorless’ they are very rare to find.

Since they give the same effect as that of the diamonds, people find it easy to purchase wedding sets made of Zirconia to give off a similar appeal. Especially for people who wish to cut back on their wedding expenses, this material goes easy on their pockets as well. Wedding sets have to look appealing and add value too; such wedding sets promise to do just that and a lot more too.

Getting the Perfect Wedding Set for Your Day

Zirconia crystals are not stuck or glued to wedding bands with the help of adhesive agents. They can be fit onto wedding bands just like diamonds. Similar to more expensive sets, these zirconia sets also have a high resistance to regular wear and tear and boast of appropriate durability metrics. This is one of the reasons why they are considered to be the perfect choice of crystals for wedding sets. Zirconia can be set on wedding bands made of materials like Rose, yellow or white gold, Platinum, Silver, Titanium, and more – go for the one that best suits your budget, tastes and preferences.

Comparing Zirconia sets with those of other materials

Till date, jewelers have been able to compare zirconia only with diamonds. This means that zirconia emulates some special properties belonging to diamonds; thereby making it incomparable with other materials. Even created stones like crystals come second to zirconia in terms of hardness and resistance to wear and tear. Since these sets have high durability and hardness metrics, they are perfect for wearing on a regular basis.

Only a small of stabilizing agent is used for the synthesis of this created stone. Under normal atmospheric conditions, zirconia is stable and does not oxidize or react with the outside environment. The most commonly used type of zirconia in wedding sets is cubic zirconia. During the making of colored zirconia gems, a dopant or a coloring agent is added to complete the process. This coloration binds perfectly and does not run off during long usage. Materials that are usually turned to as a dopant for adding color to the otherwise colorless zirconia include Chromium, Cerium, Titanium, and so forth.

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Zirconia vs. Diamonds

Though a diamond is one of the rarest of materials on this planet, zirconia beats it right away in terms of cost. Since these stone are considered to be less expensive, they are serving to be a good choice over diamonds. Regardless of the fact that they happen to be synthetic produce and not like natural diamonds, the cost factor plays a vital role in deciding the use of zirconia in wedding bands. Even then, it is not a bad choice as zirconia has nearly all the properties of diamonds and this makes it no less than any other crystal in use for the making of wedding sets.

Investments in zirconia also reduces the need for choosing any other precious stone like rubies, emerald, jade, amethyst or turquoise; this is because it can be appropriately colored to give off the same effect. All it requires is the right dopant material to gain the same color as that of a precious stone. All in all, zirconia is really a very good choice for wedding sets. One can never tell the difference between the wedding sets made from zirconia and diamonds!

Purchasing Zirconia Sets

Jewelers have now taken to the selling of zirconia wedding sets. So, if you are also looking for smart ways of cutting back on wedding expenses, then, these highly durable sets are what you should go for as well.

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