1 CT Diamond Rings That Make You Say WOW!

1 CT Diamond Rings

1 CT Diamond Rings

A diamond ring can be an iconic symbol of commitment. Glittering in its striking beauty and simplicity, a 1 ct diamond ring definitely establishes that the wearer is proudly planning a beautiful future with her beloved. However, it is difficult to choose a diamond that’s best for you or your loved one when there are a number of options available on the racks. Here’s our take on the ways in which you can get or gift the loveliest diamond rings on the rack.

Things to Consider while Buying 1 ct Diamond Rings

There are some factors that should be considered before buying high quality 1 ct diamond rings. You need to understand the importance of the 4C’s- Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. The mix of these 4 C’s determines the price of each diamond.

  1. Cut: The sparkle of the stone depends upon the precautions and details integrated into the cutting process. A well-cut stone looks brilliant and larger, and hides any flaws in better ways than poorly cut diamonds. The price of a 1 ct diamond ring is dependent on the brilliance of the cut, and the perfection involved in its processing.
  2. Clarity: Each diamond has a clarity rating that serves to measures all blemishes or inclusions. The basic terms used are FL (flawless, and ‘expensive’) and IF (internally flawless). There are other grades of “inclusions” ranging from VVSI (very very slightly included), to I3- (eye-visible inclusions). The price tags attributed to 1 carat diamond ring is also dependent on these ratings.
  3. Color: Diamonds may vary in their color range. The range lies between D to Z, where D is fully colorless, thus being the best and rarest. Also, only a diamond expert can differentiate between D and G colored diamonds. The diamonds available in the G and H category are slightly colored and less expensive than those rated as D.
  4. Carat: Generally, a 1 carat diamond is of the supreme kind, but you can opt for a 0.95-carat diamond, rather than a 1 carat one, to make it come within your budget if so desire. This “buying shy” trick can make you save a lot of money without a noticeable difference in the size of the stone.
  5. Ring metals: metals that are generally used with 1 ct diamond rings are gold and platinum; they give off a stylish look wherever used. Additionally, exquisite options in double toned shades are also available to add further value to stone studded jewelry pieces.

Reasons To Choose High Quality 1 Carat Diamond Rings



A diamond is no doubt the emperor of all gemstones; it is also the purest derivative in mineralogy. Unlike other gemstones, or to say, minerals, which are complex carbon silicates with metal impurities, a diamond is simply a metal allotrope. It’s also interesting that the same element that creates graphite and coal also creates a diamond with just a re-arrangement of the involved atoms.

Beautification, religious ornaments, and business

Diamonds have been used throughout history- as religious ornaments, for beautification, and for business. The glitter and dazzle of 1 ct diamond rings have always been a factor of pride for the royalty; they have now come within the reach of common people because of their easy availability and a wide range of prices.

Healing Effects and Benefits

It is believed that this brilliant gemstone improves mental and physical health, prevents diseases, helps in improving marital life, and increases the stamina of its wearers.


The two authenticity determinants of a diamond are related to high thermal conductivity and extreme hardness metrics. The most significant feature is that only a real diamond can scratch another real diamond; with no other mineral having the capability to do so.


For its everlasting performance and brilliance, a 1 ct diamond ring should be removed before the performance of any heavy-duty task, application of makeup, or taking of a shower; this is because such actions can cause harm to these precious gemstones in more ways than one. Also, it is best to practice good care with regards to storing your diamond jewelry- all pieces must be stored in a secure container with fabric lining and cotton pads to keep any irreparable damage, or loss of sparkle, at bay.

1 ct Diamond Rings – Smart Buying Tips to Save More



People generally buy diamonds once in a while, or even once during their entire lifespan. Therefore, it is best to keep these expert tips in mind before they go forward to bag a diamond home.

  1. Shape: Unless a particular preference is to be considered, it is best to buy a diamond that is round in shape. Round diamonds tend to own more radiance and scintillation than other shapes. They never go out of the fashion and can accommodate themselves in almost all kinds of ring settings.
  2. Carat Weight: It is best to go for diamonds that flaunt popular carat weights such as a ½ carat or a ¾ carat, etc. A 0.95-carat diamond typically costs less as it does not adhere to the criterion of price- per-carat classification. Such diamonds are difficult to distinguish visually and may appear of the same size as a 1 carat diamond. So, if you have budget constraints, then, a 0.95-carat diamond is an attractive way to go too.
  3. Cut: Retailers may use common terms to describe the Cut (Excellent, Very Good, Fair or Poor); yes, these terms were not uniformly defined or applied. Further, diamond sellers may assign any cut grade they choose based on any set of factors they wish for. To avoid such discrepancies, it is advisable to remain wary of diamond sellers who assign their own cut grades in place of that assigned by GIA ( and other authorized certification agencies) to the diamonds on offer. Many popular retail stores, “brands”, or websites display their own, more generous ‘cut rating’ instead of that assigned by GIA. Choose carefully.

Being a diamond consumer, you may like to look around for more options when it comes to bringing a 1 carat diamond ring home. However, for jewelry retailers, diamond rings can be bought from smartphones, computers, or tablets as well. Do know that the same purchase considerations would apply when you are buying a diamond in person or through the internet.

It is best to adopt the practice of researching and learning before clicking on ‘pay’. Also, it is a good idea to verify the GIA report with a report check. It is also advisable to know the credentials of a seller for ensuring secure transactions of your online purchase of 1 carat diamond jewelry or ring.

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