How To Show The Commitment With Promise Ring?

Promise Ring for Girlfriend

Promise Ring for Girlfriend

You know that you are ready and want to pledge your love for your girlfriend in the most personalized way. However, you are feeling shy to express your love and commitment. How about getting a promise ring for your girlfriend?

Committing to a relationship means that you are ready to create a strong and healthy bond with the person of your choice. Here, a promise ring is a symbol of commitment. It is an ebullient way to say you love and are ready to develop a long-lasting relationship. The good thing about a promise ring is that it can be given for many different reasons, therefore it is important to specify clearly what you are promising.

Are you promising loyalty, lifetime commitment or just friendship? It is a good idea to clear this beforehand so that there are no misinterpretations with regards to your intention of gifting a promise ring; which could lead to disappointment later on. To this end, you may like to custom design your promise ring with your name or with words that describe your relationship. So, are you ready to take the plunge?


The definition of a promise ring would differ from couple to couple and person to person. a promise ring shows your seriousness about the relationship and means “I am ready to commit” or “I am yours”. A promise ring is a simple symbol of love and doesn’t have to be expensive; a simple band of gold or sterling silver diamond can be considered. The essential point is that it should be practical for day to day wear. This kind of ring shows that you are serious about taking a relationship to the next level. Keeping her personal style and preference in mind, it can be any kind of ring, as long as it looks good on your girlfriend’s finger. There are a lot of options available online. Explore them!

1. Classic Diamond Promise Ring: This is a sterling silver promise ring with a solitaire round cut diamond. For a glamorous look, diamonds could be encrusted on the band.

2. Infinity Promise Ring: If your girlfriend loves simplicity, then this sleek infinity promise ring says “forever” without being too flashy.

3. Rose Gold Promise Ring: A sparkling rose gold promise ring is also known as heart promise ring. A heart motif in this metal would take your romance to the next level.

4. Diamond Promise Ring with Halo: A small round cut diamond with a halo and an intricate band is special and gorgeous without going overboard.

5. Sapphire Promise Ring: A sapphire promise ring feels traditional but is still different from a classic diamond ring. The center stone can be a sapphire and the band could be encrusted with diamonds.

6. Claddagh Ring: A Claddagh ring depicts two clasped hands holding a heart, which is a sign of love and friendship.

For him?

Boyfriends don’t fret! There are plenty of promise rings for you too, like the satin finish promise ring, diamond accent promise ring, Celtic Claddagh promise ring, engraved infinity promise ring, and gold filigree promise ring. Couples who have similar personal styles can match their promise rings from various options available sterling silver couples promise rings, gold engraved couples promise rings, Celtic knot couples promise rings, personalized sterling silver couples promise rings, and personalized diamond accent couples promise rings.

You can be as flashy as you want or as subtle as you want, the choice is yours!


1. Does she feel the same? Is she ready for the same commitment? Get the feelers from her before deciding to gift the promise ring. Since promise rings are a sign of commitment, you should be prepared for your girlfriend’s reaction. As mentioned earlier, you need to be clear about your intention behind gifting the promise ring.

2. Know her ring size in advance and select something that your girlfriend would like to wear on an everyday basis. A promise ring can be worn on any finger, and if your girlfriend is not too keen on a finger ring, then the ring could be strung into a chain like a pendant and put around the neck.

3. Posey promise rings are metal bands with a personal message or promise engraved on the inside surface of the ring. So, you may like to go for a short and sweet personal message could be engraved on the inside of the ring, something that only you and she would like to share.

4. Think of a special day and a special place to gift the promise ring to your girlfriend. You can surprise her by slipping it under her door, slipping it into her tiffin box, or even dropping it into the glass of cold drink in the canteen. A promise ring can have different meanings, therefore be sure you are present when she finds so that you can explain your intentions as to what you are promising. Make sure she doesn’t misconstrue it as a marriage proposal.

5. Be spontaneous and sincere while expressing the promises you want to make. Don’t go overboard. Just a little poem or a short speech in your own words should do the needful in melting your girlfriend’s heart.

6. There is no doubt that, promise rings are a huge commitment, plunge into it only if you are ready. Every take on a promise ring is different, some might think that it is romantic but there are others who would like to wait till they are absolutely sure and ready to get engaged to exchange engagement rings.

7. Though a promise ring doesn’t need too much of care and maintenance, all other pieces of jewelry, if you just take a few precautions then a promise ring can be a lifelong asset. Remove your ring while working with harsh, abrasive cleaning liquids and chemicals; it will discolor your promise ring. Avoid manual labor while the ring is on, else you might disfigure it with a strong blow.

8. Pledging and promising your love with that special promise ring will always hold a special place in her heart. So guys, if you are ready, go ahead and make a promise for a lifetime. You will be glad you did.

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