The 4 Cs of Diamonds – Which Matters Most For Princess Cut

Princess cut diamond engagement ring

Out of the many styles of diamond, the princess cut is one of the most enhancing and enchanting styles for wedding or engagement rings. It is one of the two square-shaped diamond rings. This cut was invented back in the year 1970 and craze for princess cut has been increasing lately. The best thing about it is that it is a forgiving cut, so it can hide small imperfections, which makes it affordable as compared to any other cut. Apart from that, their exceptional flash qualities make them look amazing in all sizes and colors.

However, whether you buy round brilliant or princess cut ring, it is extremely important to choose it wisely.

There are a few factors which need to be considered while selecting it, so as to make a perfect choice.

Here are 4 Cs matter most for the diamond, especially while buying princess cut ring.

Cut: Cut is one of the most important characteristics of diamond, as it has the greatest influence on the beauty of a diamond. Although cut is not graded by GIA, the ideal depth for princess cut is 65 to 75% and it should be very good cut.

Color: Color is considered to be the second most important characteristics. Color grade starts from D to Z; where D is the highest and Z is the lowest possible. The grade is based on lack of color. Lesser the color, the higher the grade! D to J is nearly colorless, while M to Z has noticeable color. However, G, H, I or J is the best color for princess cut.

Clarity: Clarity is the measure of imperfections which occurs in almost all diamonds. However, it does not affect overall beauty of the diamond. The ones with the least imperfections get the highest clarity grades. It starts form I1, I2, I3 where I stand for included, followed by SI1 and SI2 where SI stands for Slightly Included, VS1, VS2 stands for Very Slightly Included, followed by VVS1 and VVS2 for ‘Very Very Slightly Included’ and FL, IF stands for Flawless, Internally Flawless. However, for princess cut diamonds, you can go for VS1, VS2 or SI1.

Carat: Carat is a term for the weight of the diamond, which is not related to a size of a diamond. However, we determine a size of diamond by viewing from the top, as that is how they are represented in rings. Carat weight is considered for determining a size of the ring along with other factors like distance across the top of diamond (in mm) and cut grade. You can choose carat as per your budget.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, make sure you stay within your budget. The most importantly, it is highly recommendable to check out a certificate of the diamond before buying it, as it contains an analysis of various characteristics of diamond right from dimensions, clarity, and color to polish and symmetry. Also, make sure you purchase it from a reliable and reputed jewelry store, so as to buy the perfect princess cut diamond engagement ring.

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