The Pre-engagement Vow: All the Hullabaloo about Promise Rings

You’ve heard it all before, but you still don’t quite know what exactly a “promise ring” means or what it stands for. And the questions keep flowing.

  • Who came up with this concept anyway?
  • What finger are you supposed to wear it on?
  • Where can you get diamond promise rings that are not extravagantly priced?
  • What different styles are available to choose from?
  • What is the price range?
  • Why is it such a big deal?
  • Does it really mean anything or is it just another piece of jewelry?

So here goes:

The meaning

Promise rings have been around for eons, but they have captured the imagination of the younger lot only in the last decade or so. From early Roman brides to the Georgians and Victorians to Miley Cyrus and the Jonas brothers, the promise rings and romance connection has always been one for the books. Some call it a purity ring, some refer to it as a commitment ring, but the most widely-acknowledged connotation is that it is a pre-engagement ring. In essence, a promise ring is what you want it to be. It denotes commitment, yes, but it may not be restricted to the pre-matrimonial obligation that it is made out to be. It could be:

  • A symbol of your commitment to each other
  • A special gift for a special occasion
  • A sign of your love for each other
  • An indication of your intention to get engaged
  • A ring worn to imply that you are committed to being in an exclusive relationship

More than anything else, a promise ring is a token of serious commitment to your partner. A lot of live-in partners who aren’t too keen on getting married have latched on to this trend of exchanging promise rings.

The different styles

Promise rings come in different shapes, sizes, themes and styles. So choosing the right one for your beloved can be a good headache to have. The most popular theme is, as you would have thought, rings with little hearts, gems or artistically entwined designs. Eternity rings or infinity rings and love bands make for some of the most sought-after works of art, too. And yes, it goes without saying, women LOVE diamonds – so if you have to woo your girl and show her how much she means to you, it cannot get better than diamond promise rings!

diamond promise rings

Sterling Silver SwirI Infinity Shaped Ladies Bridal Promise Engagement Ring

diamond promise rings

Sterling Silver Round White Diamond Ladies Solitaire With Accent Engagement Bridal Promise Ring

diamond promise rings

Sterling Silver Round Brilliant Diamond Ladies Promise Three Heart Infinity Love Engagement Ring

diamond promise rings

White Gold Round White Diamond Ladies Swirl Split Shank Halo Bridal Promise Engagement Ring

Which finger do you wear the ring on?

These beauties are usually sported on the ring finger of the left hand or the right hand, depending on whether you are unmarried or married. Some people like to put them through a chain around the neck. It is archetypally donned on the left ring finger because it is believed that there is a vein that carries blood from this finger to the heart – the vena amoris, which, by the way, is a myth.

To each his own. In the end, what matters is the thought and the emotion that goes behind gifting or wearing the promise ring.

The best thing about promise rings – they’re economical!

Promise rings do not cost as much as traditional diamond engagement rings; in fact, they are considerably lesser expensive. Once you’ve got your heart set on buying one, it isn’t much of a hassle to find cheap promise rings. This could be the commencement of a lifelong bond and we’re with you all the way. Our collection of promise rings starts from just $10.99!

Go on – make her an offer she can’t refuse – we’ve got you covered!

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