Dazzling Rock’s Guide To Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

Dazzling Rock's Guide To Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

No woman has ever said no to diamonds because they make their best friends. This also ensures that this stone is the perfect choice as a gift for one’s beloved. Diamonds are one of kind accessory, which can be worn by all age groups. All this has meant that the number of brands that manufacture diamonds out in the market has seen a rise. One brand that has made its presence strongly felt is Sterling silver diamond.

Sterling Silver makes it easier for women to look graceful. It contains 92.5% silver and copper as it is over major component. Therefore, It is popularly known as 925 Silver.

Identify Real Sterling Silver Jewelry and Save Yourself From The Fake

It is important for everyone to be very cautious while buying jewelry and we can only differentiate between the fake and real when we know some of the commonly used tests.

To identify real Sterling Silver jewelry from the fake ones, here are described some of the techniques to save you in this regards:

1. Rub a Soft white cloth over the Jewelry

If after rubbing there are black marks on the cloth, then you can be sure the jeweler is made of pure sterling silver as the air exposure causes the silver to oxidize and hence the black marks.

2. The Smell Test

Real Sterling Silver has no smell at all. However, if you smell something it is because of the excess copper content.

3. “Ster. 925, Sterling Silver”

A pure Sterling Silver jewelry will always have one of the above marks in the hidden area.

4. The Nitric Acid Test

Nitric acid causes fake silver to lose its color. Always ask your jeweler to perform the test before buying Sterling Silver. (Wear goggles and gloves to protect yourself from any exposure)

Mix and Match Ornaments in Sterling Silver With Colorful Diamonds

All ornaments including diamond rings, bracelets, necklace, etc., can be made using Sterling Silver diamond. These are the real deals if you want to look gorgeous. A diamond on a silver base just adds the beauty of the whole ornament.

You could mix and match Sterling Silver with colorful diamonds, pearls, and semi-precious stones and make your best jewelry according to your need. Dazzling diamonds are a great collection of your Jewelry stock and look spectacular for everyday use. This Jewelry can change your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Get Jewelry at Your Doorstep on Click

Treat yourself with some amazing Sterling Silver Jewelry sitting back at home. Everything is available online these days without much fuss. There are tones of websites, which sell amazing designs. Look luxurious and lovely at all times and have a different set of jewelry for every occasion. You could get these at prices, which really do not hurt your pockets.

Also, there are so many advantages of buy jewelry online which include the ease of going through an entire collection of designs before selecting one. Online shops are open 24×7 and it is easy to compare. You can hence find the best match that also suits your budget and needs.

Sterling Silver is a must buy jewelry for every woman. Save some, buy some and look gorgeous at all times. Go ahead and treat yourself to these luxuries of life without much hassle. These are just a click away from you.

Happy Shopping!

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