5 Best Stones for Gemstone Earrings Suitable For Women

gemstonesYou love to flaunt gemstone earrings, or rings set with semi-precious stones. You love wearing them to a party, or when relatives are bound to eye you at a wedding. But then, are you aware that these very stones that you love to wear and show-off can be your ultimate source of energy? Believe it or not, that innocent looking amethyst necklace, the one that you are planning to do at the next corporate do, will be radiating a lot more than its sheer brilliance!

Yes, for centuries in a row, certain gemstones have been observed to have some sort of supernatural powers. Ancient texts and manuals document how certain ornamental stones have brought about the material as well as spiritual benefits to the people wearing them. This has led to the formation of an entire industry that caters to the use and spread of stones and minerals of some kind or the other. Today, many people are reluctant to openly state their belief in such things, but they all admit to a “force” that extrudes from these stones, such as those in your latest gemstone earrings.

Stated below are some oft-purchased stones, along with the benefits that they bring about.


A type of quartz, that is generally purple in hue, is often used in the making of jewelry pieces associated with patience, balance, peace, and calmness, the wearer of this gem is believed to be protected from rash and wild thoughts, and enjoys healthy sleeping patterns for more luck and prosperity too. In most cases, amethyst is usually used just as it occurs with a bit of polish, but at times, its purple color is given a darker hue with heat treatment for adding that much needed, extra appeal.


Hematite composed of different kinds of ferrous ores of iron, this stone takes on a steel color or is generally in rust. The gemstone is usually found in locations with stagnant water or hot mineral springs. It is believed that the wearer of this stone is protected from back pain, nerve complaints, and reduced blood circulation. The gem is believed to make its wearers think logically too. Displaying certain magnetic properties, hematite is often sold as magnetized pieces of work to keep on desktops and table tops. But then, like all other exclusive earrings that cast their own distinctive line, the ones made from this semi-precious stone are much sought after too!



Opal is the hydrated form of silica or sand. Found in rock fissures and related structures, it does not have any characteristic color but is often seen in pale hues. This gemstone is believed to bring spontaneity and creativity to the user’s life. Numerous tales and legends have been woven around this stone. It is also used for making figurines and small display statuettes as it is very malleable by nature. Somehow this stone has always been associated with Australia, a continent that is a prime source for this gem too.



These stones are the hydrated phosphates of aluminum and copper. Due to its unique bluish green hue and high rarity metric, this gemstone has always been a prized possession for its owners. These stones are usually worn as a sign of enduring friendship and protect the wearer from negative energies. They are also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. There are various sub-sects of turquoise, depending on the color hues that they take. In the United States, turquoise is found as a byproduct of copper mining operations. Turquoise has been the preferred stone for Egyptian Pharaohs and Persian kings too. As the stone is believed to have numerous healing powers, it is often included in rings, pendants or earrings for casting its effect.



Possessing a deep blue color, these stones are found in the northern reaches of Afghanistan. Prized for their color, they serve to be the main ingredient in the Aqua Marine color, where they are powdered before being used. This gemstone was highly acclaimed by the Pharaohs of Egypt too. Basically, a silicate found as mineral deposits, and because of its extreme workability traits, Lapis Lazuli is used for making ornate boxes, carvings, figurines, etc. It takes to polishing very well and helps designers attain a good finish. These were the first stones to have been used as gemstones and are worn as a color for deep spiritualism.

Cleaning Stone Jewelry – the Right Way

Once you have purchased the particular type of stone that you would like in your earrings, then it is prudent to know the most appropriate method for its cleaning too. Abrasive methods cannot be used for keeping them looking as good as new (just because they are hard); instead, different stones require different means of cleaning to maintain their shine and luster. Many times, especially when paired with gold or platinum, your colored gemstone diamond earrings may not be in a position to withstand the rough abrasive methods that diamond jewelry can. So, it is important that you choose the right method for cleaning specific gemstones.

Tips To Clean Your GemStone Jewelry

Mild detergent, a good soft brush, and abundant water are all that you need to clean high-quality gemstone jewelry pieces at home, including your earrings! There are commercially available cleansers that can be purchased at stores to help deal with these tasks. Such cleansers are available in various price bands depending on the type of job at hand. Most commercially available cleansers are not that harsh; but if its pearl and amber that you would like to clean, then it is recommended that you leave out solutions that contain ammonia, completely.

Last Word

Just like diamond jewelry, the ones with precious and semi-precious gemstones require a careful consideration of various factors before their purchase. This is especially true in case you want to buy them to bring in years of good luck, remove illnesses, or provide the right kind of energy. With all good measures in place, you can look forward to getting complete worth for your money; right away!



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