Yes, a Tennis Bracelet is just what you Need!

A woman and her love for Jewelry are inseparable. But then, sportswomen, or those spending most of their time on-court (think field too), cannot wear exquisite Jewelry sets while playing. For them, tennis bracelets serve to be an ideal choice. With a diamond tennis bracelet in place, a lady can showcase glamour and class, even at the times when she is doling out counter stokes on the tennis diamond braceletThis coveted and oft-purchased piece of jewelry has got its name from the popular American tennis player, Chris Evert. She had lost her diamond bracelet on court during the 1987 US Open Tennis Championship, and had requested to suspend the match until she found it. Her request was granted. But since then, the pattern of bracelets flaunted by her became popular with sports-jewelry crazy women as tennis bracelets.

Safe to Wear Design

The first and foremost reason for buying a tennis bracelet is that this design is safe to wear as it fits tightly on to one’s wrist. The stunning piece of jewelry (you may call it a fashion accessory too) typically consists of a metallic flat surface with precious stones inlaid on the same. In this kind of a ladies bracelet, there are no chain extensions dangling from the edge.

Although diamonds are the perfect gemstones for a tennis bracelet, they are pricey and can fall off if not embedded properly. An inexperienced eye will not be able to catch the difference between a real diamond tennis bracelet, and one that has such artificial stones—so, go for one that suits your taste and budget alike. These bracelets look all the more elegant and beautiful when their stones dazzle under the floodlight, and how!

Ideal for Non-contact Sports

If you nurture a deep love for jewelry and do not like to go out without at least one piece of the same on yourself, then it makes good sense for you to invest in a tennis bracelet. This is especially true if you are a lover of tennis, badminton, or other games that fall in the category of non-contact sports. Unlike other fashion bracelets that may have dangling beads or designs that are unsuitable for playing purposes, these bracelets act otherwise. Yes, they don’t pose as a distraction while you are in the middle of a game.

An Ideal Gift

Are you planning to invest in a gift for a loved one? A very ideal gift option for women interested in sports, young ladies , and all those with a flair for a piece of jewel that is both trendy and flashy; tennis diamond bracelet are surely the right way to go. Available in different designs, from vintage and antique, to contemporary and modern, they are apt for women who have a unique taste of fashion, and desire to add more value to their collection.

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