Why should you Invest in Certified Diamonds Only?

Your plan of buying a diamond involves a lot of money and time spent in choosing the perfect one. This is why; it’s essential that you go a step further and invest in a certified diamond only. In case you are new to such diamond-industry jargon, then it’s essential to know the distinction between diamonds that are certified by requisite authorities, and those that are not. Read on for more.

What is a Certified Diamond?

In the easiest possible terms, certified diamonds assure buyers that they are completely as described by the sellers. These certificates serve as x-rays or blueprints of all the intrinsic and external qualities of the stones in question. Along with identifying the exact weight (down to the point), cut, clarity, shape (marquise, round, etc.), color, polish and symmetry, they also certify some other facets. While you may be aware of the 4 C’s of diamonds, the acquired art of jewelry buying demands that you know a little about their certifications too.certified diamondsWhy is Diamond Certification Important?

Diamonds are costly investments and it’s important that you get your complete money’s worth in your buys. Buying certified diamonds online or offline from reputed jewelers ensures greater peace of mind and makes you get all that you pay for. These stores stock certified jewelry only and present the relevant certifications when you are making your purchase. In case you have a problem understanding the various characteristics outlined in the certificates, available salesperson and online help systems help in explaining the same.

For instance buyers generally grade certain diamond traits as “flaws” though they are not. While some diamonds and gemstones are absolutely clear and allow light to reflect through brilliantly, others may have certain marks and colorations that are visible by the naked eye. Do know that “flawless” diamonds are quite rare and your probability of finding one is marginal. In most cases diamonds, even the certified ones, have accepted degrees of other laws and characteristics that make them as worthwhile as others.

Certified Diamond

Diamond Certification Companies

The most widely accepted and popular diamond certification companies worldwide are:

  • (GIA) Gemological Institute of America

GIA, recognized worldwide as experts in the diamond industry, has over 75 years of service to its credit. Along with being considered as the founders in the field of diamond certification, they have numerous laboratories as well as education and research centers to their credit. GIA certified diamonds are considered to be of the highest quality and are available with details about their characteristics.

  • (IGI) International Gemological Institution

Though not for high premium quality diamonds as certified by GIA, the gemstones certified by IGI are quite comparable in value.

  • (EGL) European Gemological Laboratory

The diamonds certified by EGL are generally evaluated by two laboratories (minimum). They go through subjective methods of grading. Just like IGI diamonds, the ones certified by EGL are also (mostly) lower priced than the GIA certified diamonds.

  • (AGS) American Gem Society

More often than not, the diamonds certified by AGS have to go through more stringent quality tests that GIA. Along with offering thorough details with regards to all external and internal blemishes or inclusions, they offer fine detailing of other characteristics too. AGS certified are usually the ones that grade as ideal cut diamonds, especially the ones that have been cut for brilliance. Few know that AGS was founded by Robert Shipley, the same man who had formed GIA.

Why should you Invest in a Certified Diamond only?

A diamond certification serves as an assessment of all facets of a diamond. This assessment is done prior to the diamonds being available in the marketplace. Performed by experts under laboratory conditions, these certifications lay total emphasis on the overall quality of the diamond in the reckoning. Regardless of which certification you choose, it’s the best way of knowing that you are buying a genuine product and are not being taken for a ride by the salesperson. In other words, the certification serves as a stamp of authenticity to make your diamonds more valuable.

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