Black Diamonds: A Girl’s New Best Friend

With changing times, your taste in jewelry has also undergone some stark changes—right? Diamonds, as we all know, are a woman’s best friend. As opposed to traditional diamonds that are white or colorless, nowadays some women opt for black diamonds too. These precious black stones are gradually becoming a popular alternative to regular diamonds in engagement rings and wedding bands. In addition to the grandeur of diamonds, these black pieces have an added rich aura that is majestic as well mysterious.

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These gemstones easily complement both traditional and contemporary jewelry designs. Get a stunning contrast by setting your black diamond with white diamonds, or safely settle for yellow gold, rose gold or black rhodium as a base. Read more on black diamonds.

Black Diamonds: Some Misconceptions

  1. Are Black Diamonds of Inferior Quality?

Black diamond jewelry is usually cheaper than regular ones. This has led most of us to believe that these beautiful black stones are rather of inferior quality. Some of you are also likely to be under the misconception that black diamonds are simply stones that have been treated to give them color. In reality, however, natural black diamonds owe their colour to their unique structure. This structure determines how light is reflected, with a major portion being absorbed by the stones.

  1. Not Sure of Black Diamond’s Quality?

In addition to these, there are certain black diamonds that have been created in the laboratories. The hues boasted off by these stones are the result of organic treatments and alterations, and not simply their structure. Since black diamonds cost less than regular diamonds, it is quite unlikely that an expensive white diamond of the highest quality will be treated to change its colour, only to be sold at a cheaper price. Therefore, you should have no reason to doubt the standard of quality of your precious black diamond.

  1. Comparing Black Diamonds with the White Ones

Owing to their structure and color, and irrespective of their origin, black diamonds have a comparatively low clarity grade. You must also keep in mind that the regular guidelines to evaluate the quality standards of white diamonds cannot be applied to black diamonds. Hence, it is quite foolish to compare their respective qualities.

Color of the Black Diamond

The colour of that big dazzling diamond on your engagement ring depends solely on your personal taste. Do not, however, expect black diamonds to exhibit radiance as brilliant as white diamonds.

How are Black Diamonds Priced?

You will get black diamonds in a variety of prices in the market owing to the selection of lab-treated black diamonds, carbonados and black diamond simulants. An increase in consumer interest and demand has led to an increase in the value of the natural black diamonds, or the carbonados.

Black Diamonds: A Girl’s Hot Favorite

Black diamond rings and wedding bands have become a hot favorite among young couples. A number of companies are now manufacturing these products to meet the ever-increasing demands of these pieces of jewelry. Make sure that you buy your jewelry from a reliable source that has a clear history and reputation.

All the best in your search for the best black diamond!

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