Add more Glitz with Exquisite Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone jewellery, just like all other pieces of jewellery, serves as an integral part of any woman, and defines her tastes and preferences. Speaking volumes about her personality, sense of fashion, and overall feel for looking beautiful, gemstone earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, neckpieces and brooches are essential part of any woman’s trinket box. Here, we take a quick peep into the world of precious and semi-precious stones used for making earrings.

Gemstone EarringsGemstone Earring


Gemstone Earrings –Points to Consider

Whether it is about purchasing a set of amethyst danglers or diamond studs, the wearer needs to attain knowledge regarding the color, kind and style of gemstones in use. These earrings have to be chosen with special care; so as to fall in line with the complexion, face-cut and other features of their owners. In most cases, gemstone studded earrings are designed to be worn on formal and semi-formal occasions. Because of their inherent sparkle and glittering nature, they match well with most traditional and contemporary wear alike.

Sophisticated and Classy

Since times in memorial, and across several civilizations, women have been known to long for jewels that are wearable, sophisticated and classy. Gemstones have always played an important part in their selection of earrings. From those made of colorless diamonds to birth stones, colored stones, and other semi-precious stones; there is no dearth of styles and design to choose from. Dangling earrings, pinch-ons and studs featuring such gemstones have a timeless appeal, and dazzle the wearer’s countenance with their bright sparkle.

Kinds of Gemstone Earrings Online

Hoops, dangles, studs, chandeliers…………….The list of different kinds of earrings available online as well as in brick-and-mortar stores is indeed inspiring. You need to have a fair idea how a particular style would suit your face, or occasion, before clicking on “buy.” For instance, danglers and long hoop with colored stones are generally not fit for office wear. Looking grand at social occasions, weddings and other formal occasions, danglers are best coupled with matching clothes and accessories alike. While the sparkling luster of a diamond earring is a much favored choice for high-profile events, the other brilliantly colored gemstone earrings, in the form of small hoops or studs, totally compliment your formal occasions, and how!

How to Choose the Right Earrings?

Regardless of whether you are planning to choose a set of earrings for yourself or for gifting purposes, you need to keep the facial cut of the wearer in mind. Long, dangling chains and hops suit round faces to the hilt, while small drops are custom-made for long faces. If the wearer has a square-shaped face, then studs serve as the ideal choice. Short dangles look good on a rectangular face.

Way Forward

The selection of gemstone earrings is also guided by their color. While brightly colored gemstones pack in dram and color to one’s face, the sparkle of diamonds come across as dark contrast to dark skin tones. Along with the complexion of the wearer, the outfit and hairstyle also deserves consideration. For instance, if you sport short hair, your exposed ears would flatter just about any kind of small-sized earrings; hoops are a good idea for those with medium length hair. Subtle gemstone studs are a good choice when worn with a high ponytail or bun to office. Choose accordingly.

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