6 Fabulous Tips to Purchase The Most Brilliant Diamond Ring

Wholesale Diamond Rings - Dazzling RockDiamond rings, preferably the engagement ones signify the commencement of a lifelong relationship of limitless love and intimacy between two loving souls. The history of presenting diamond ring to fiancé was ceremonially started by the Archduke Maximilian I who graced the finger of Mary, Duchess of Burgundyin 1477. Today, the process of selecting the most exquisite diamond ring has been taken to the next level by the profusion of online stores and comparison portals that bring the world of information at your fingertips in the most sorted manner. Retailers aspiring to grab the hottest deals on wholesale diamond rings stand to gain the most. Just stick to the below mentioned tips and see the best deals come your way.

Set your budget

Evaluating your spending limit will help you grab the ring that best complement your social quotient without burning a hole in your pocket. The price limit should be reached at after thoroughly researching the diamond size, carat, cut and clarity for your ring. You should always buy diamonds that have been certified by the international accreditation agencies to escape unscathed from the clutches of unscrupulous sellers.

Wholesale Diamond Ring - Dazzling RockStyle

The ring is not a symbolic announcement of a blossoming relation but also a visible reflection of the social taste, lifestyle and personal choice of the wearer. The diamond cut should be aesthetic, voguish and elegant. The ring’s metal color should be matching with the skin tone and individualistic attitude to further enhance the appeal.


The popular diamond shapes offered by most upscale stores are princess cut, round, pear, heart, marquise, oval, emerald, asscher, cushion and radiant. There is a shape for people of all taste groups i.e. traditionalist or minimalist.

Wholesale Diamond Rings - DazzlingRockMetal

The precious metal chosen to hold the brilliant diamond needs to be durable and appealing to allow the radiance of the diamond to shine through. The soft oxidized layer on the metals’ surface to enhance its color should not wear over time and must be scratch and spill proof. The metal should be hypoallergenic so that an allergic reaction is not triggered in people with sensitive skins.

Setting options

The ring setting in which the diamond will be mounted can be opted for in varied styles. Preferable ones are the classic solitaire, fanciful setting with stones flanking the side and a complementing bridal set. Classic solitaire setting has a timeless appeal and the multi-pronged approach allows light to be incident from all sides on the diamond which enhances the diamond’s brilliance manifold times. The diamond side stones bring the center stone into prominence. The bridal setting establishes the maximum balance between the engagement and wedding rings.

Wholesale Diamond Ring - DazzlingRockPurchasing the ring

You should keep your eyes and options open. Compare the prices, check certifications and rely on expert advice to arrive at the best diamond ring.

Once the wholesale diamond rings deal has been sealed, never forget to insure the rings and get the re-appraised at regular intervals. Adhere to the above tips and enjoy absolute peace of mind.

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