What are Certified Diamonds?

Often we would have wondered as to how do we rest assured of the quality of something as expensive as a diamond. One may read that a good quality diamond should have good clarity, color etc. But as is often the case, lay people cannot allay their apprehensions by going by their own views on these subjects. This is where a certificate comes into picture.

The Importance of Certifying Diamonds

Certified Diamond

When you have a medical problem, you go to the doctor to check about your illness. When you need advise on investments, you go to an investment analyst or a tax adviser to seek guidance. In general, when we buy something, we look for some semblance of credibility, some assurance from an authority to the effect that the product is of good quality. So is the case with diamonds as well. It has been customary to gift or purchase diamonds for many occasions. Being of such importance and being very expensive, it is imperative that diamonds have some sort of a certificate or a quality assurance from some recognized body. Certified Diamonds are the solution to this as they are of assured quality.

The Rampant Benefits

Certified Diamond Collections

A Certified Diamond is analyzed for its color, cut, clarity, symmetry etc and rated. There are many laboratories worldwide that provide certificates about the diamond quality. The GIA (Geological Institute of America), the AGS (American Gem Society), the E.G.L. (European Gemological Laboratory) and the I.G.I. (International Gemological Institute) are the main bodies of repute that provide reports on the quality of the diamond. These reports provide a detailed analysis of the quality of the diamond in its various characteristics. One might go in for an appraisal for a jeweler rather than the certificate issued by these laboratories; but then the appraisal is dependent on the skill and the knowledge of the appraiser whereas certificates from such distinguished laboratories are internationally recognized. Also, when we buy a Certified Diamond, we have an international guarantee as to its quality and hence it is a valuable asset. Its resale value is guaranteed with the certificate that comes with it. Even if one doesn’t want to sell it and hand it over to future generations, it will be well an asset worth bequeathing; it would have pedigree. The certificate that comes along with the diamond gives us a legal assurance as to its quality.

Not only is the quality assured with a certificate, it also increases the comfort level of the customer. Since these certificates are issued by international labs, they are recognized everywhere and a buyer can cross check prices and know exactly how valuable his or her purchase is and thus make an informed choice. The next time you are headed to buy diamonds, be sure to look for its certificate!

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