A Guide on How to Select the Best Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The princess cut engagement ring is an excellent alternative to the round cut diamond. The distinct cut gives it a unique appearance when viewed from above. It is a less conventional engagement ring that would suit a woman with a unique sense of style.

Even though it is relatively new to the diamond engagement universe, many couples seem to go for it. These square modified pieces appear like upside-down pyramids. It means that people view just one surface of the stone.

Aside from the square-shaped stones, they also come tapered or rectangular. Princess cut engagement rings come with heavy stones, even though this is not obvious at first glance. The sharp corners give the ring a contemporary feel. It is a modern engagement ring that comes with more sparkle because of how it’s cut.

They are cut to maintain a perfectly square shape, so you should look out for the once with excellent symmetry. You want a brilliant diamond engagement ring and gives off more sparkle when exposed to light.

Princess-Cut Diamond Ring Anatomy

Princess cut diamonds have many variations when it comes to appearance. The Gemological Institute of America(GIA) has not set a standardized structure of what to expect with these diamonds. The number of cuts on the pavilion and the patterns on the crown differs from one diamond to the next.

The table of the stone can have bezel corners that feature diamond-shaped facets or French corners with start facets. Note that the patterns do not determine the quality of the stone. What you choose should entirely depend on your preference.

That said, you are better off with a diamond that features bezel corners because these are more durable. In such pieces, the shapes point inward, making the stone less prone to chipping. The star shapes, on the other hand, point outward, and this means they can easily chip at the corners.

Length to Width ration and Girdle Thickness

To a perfectly square princess cut diamond, go with the one with a length to width ratio of 1.05. Above this, your stone is likely to appear off shape. The girdle thickness is also important because diamonds with thin girdle can easily fall off the setting and break.

The 4 Cs of Princess Cut Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing a princess-cut diamond ring, personal taste trumps all. You want to get your spouse an engagement ring that they love wearing. This is where the 4 C’s come in. You need to figure out which C to prioritize when selecting the princess cut diamond ring.

  • Carat Weight

Once you settle on the carat weight of choice, find a princess cut within this range that features an excellent cut. Work with a professional jeweler who has a size chart to choose from. Remember that the more carats, the bigger the diamond and the more expensive the engagement ring will be.

  • Clarity Grade

Since princess cut diamonds have sharp corners, you should be cautious about the ring you choose. An engagement ring with inclusions in the corners makes your diamond prone to chipping.

That said, princess cut diamonds are known to be good at hiding flaws. Work with a professional jeweler to get the perfect ring.

  • Cut Grade

This is what determines your ring’s sparkle. For this reason, it is the most important of all C’s. It’s advisable to shop at a brick and mortar jewelry shop to see the sparkle for yourself.

  • Color

The most expensive princess cut diamonds are the pure colorless stones. However, if your lady would prefer a light yellow stone, go for it.

What to Look Out For

  • Scintillation

Brilliance and scintillation on princess cut diamonds arise from the extra facets they have due to how they’re cut. These are non-traditional diamonds that adopt a brilliant cutting style that helps hide flaws on the surface.

Scintillation is the balance between the dark and light patterns on the top surface of the diamond. Striking the perfect balance gives the stone contrast, which makes it more appealing.

  • Symmetry

Since princess cut engagement rings come with many facets, their symmetry is critical. The beauty of a princess cut stone comes from how symmetrical it is. When viewing an engagement ring, draw an imaginary line down the middle to find out if it features perfect symmetry.

Draw another imaginary line horizontally across the table surface. The facets on either side of your imaginary lines should be identical.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Princess Cut Diamonds?

During the production of princess cut diamonds, there is much less waste as compared to when a cutter produces a round cut. Since the production is cost-effective, the princess cut diamonds are fairly priced. Princess cut diamonds are cut from rough diamonds whose quality tend to be very high.

The downside is that they tend to be delicate pieces because of the sharp corners. You need to work with an expert jeweler to ensure you don’t get home with an engagement ring that is prone to chipping.

It’s also important to note that there is not industry parameter put in place to gauge the cut quality of princess cut diamonds. You can easily end up with a diamond cut from a rough that wasn’t well proportioned, and you wouldn’t know.

Final Thought

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are contemporary pieces suitable for women with a unique sense of style. Working with a professional jeweler ensures that you settle for the stone with the most sparkle.

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