Diamond Cocktail Ring – An Affordable Engagement Ring for All Time

A diamond-laid cocktail ring is a statement piece, a standout larger-than-life focal point with unique shaped and colored gems. Although worn on any finger, this jeweled band can serve as an affordable engagement ring that will survive the sands of time.

The original reservations of diamond engagement cocktail rings involve one large center stone that’s surrounded by multiple accent gemstones, but this definition can also accommodate other styles.

History of the Diamond Cocktail Ring

You spotted it, the eye-catching, dramatically loud but bold cocktail ring which has been a long-time trend, especially over the last few decades as an engagement ring alternative. Cocktail rings, particularly diamond-studded ones are an excellent way to flaunt expected nuptials, expressing your trendy individuality.

Wearing cocktail rings became fashionable back in the roaring ’20s when feminism and the prohibition saw rebellious flapper girls tuning up at illegal parties flashing jewelry and showy gowns. To signal the barman for the illicit liquor, they would raise their right hand on which a big glittering centerpiece gem ring indicated an order.

Although usually worn on the right hand, cocktail rings can also be worn on the left hand, on the engagement ring finger. Significantly larger than a normal diamond ring, cocktail rings have grown from poplar freedom of expression trend to a fashion staple for prospective couples.

Diamond Cocktail Rings

Can a Cocktail Ring Be Worn As an Engagement Ring?

You can stand out from the rest, showing your colorful individuality by wearing a cocktail ring as an excellent engagement ring that’s affordable and will last a lifetime. Cocktail rings are statement pieces, affordable jewelry that will shine just as bright if not more than conventional engagement rings.

Although diamond cocktail rings are the norm, these versatile bands can have emeralds, or even rubies, and other lesser expensive stones.

A cocktail ring for engagement will be the perfect addition to your collection, a spectacular piece that can employ any style or material to make an exciting glittery combination. There are no formal requirements; which leaves you options to create that diamond engagement ring that’s hard to miss and makes a specular statement item.

How to Wear a Diamond Cocktail Engagement Ring

The tradition of wearing cocktail rings on the right hand no longer applies nowadays, and it’s easy to switch to other left-hand fingers including the wedding or engagement ring finger. As a significantly larger showpiece, the diamond-surrounded cocktail ring isn’t at all gaudy or distasteful, giving you or your fiancée the chance to dazzle and delight.

Cocktail rings are made from high-quality metals that minimize the risk of skin reactions, as well as handpicked and polished stones that give your jewelry a longer-lasting life. Along with its diamond statement, your cocktail engagement ring can have bands made of gold, silver, or platinum.

A ring this size should be worn near the center of your hand, meaning the middle, or the engagement ring finger. This makes it sit more centrally with the alignment of your fingers, giving balance while exhibiting its design, style, and colors.

Types of Diamond Engagement Cocktail Rings

You may be new to wearing statement gems, or you’ve just found out cocktail rings can make affordable engagement bands that live long after your day of bliss. Cocktail rings aren’t for the faint of heart, but that said, their flexibility for design and style can allow subtlety for your inhibition’s sake.

Diamond-studded cocktail rings have a dramatic appearance, something suited to life-altering occasions like engagements. Whatever your preference is, you can settle on a cocktail ring with encrusted diamonds alongside other gems in styles such as;

·  Antique Cocktail Rings

Antique diamond cocktail rings feature elaborate old-fashioned designs and vintage-inspired settings. An ideal engagement commemorative piece, antiquated styles of cocktail rings have the flexibility of pairing with any attire, to echo retro suaveness that stamps on the spirit of engagement.

Set with a middle stone of high-quality diamond, ruby, sapphire, topaz, or zirconia, vintage cocktail rings will feature a wide neck of 925 silver or 9-carat gold, on which is an intricate diamond-encrusted design.

· Flower Cocktail Rings

This is the most common cocktail ring style, featuring silver or sterling flower rings sprinkled with tiny diamonds. You can wear this ring with any outfit and for every occasion, displaying an element of fun whether you’re dressed down or up.

A rose-shaped, diamond engagement cocktail ring goes well, particularly when you’re in casual flower dresses or Friday t-shirt and jeans. Featuring stellar quality sterling silver or gold and platinum settings, flower-shaped bohemian engagement bands will also have other-colored stones like crystals or rubies.

· Black Cocktail Rings

Using traditionally cut stones to represent the white contrast, black cocktail rings will have one beautifully cut center stone highlighted by ornate design rings. Black diamond engagement rings carry bold designs but manage to look classy and lighter to complement any dress or outfit.

A wearable and chic option, black cocktail rings can feature animal or plant designs, such as the peacock, the flower, and rings of mixed shapes stones. Other diamond-encrusted versions could have stones in concentric elaborations that befit professional daytime and glittery evening wear.

· Green Cocktail Rings

The most iconic engagement versions of cocktail rings are green diamond-encrusted varieties that speak of idealism and tradition. Green cocktail rings can feature a circular, cut, clear, turquoise or purple-green, center stone, at least three carats, surrounded by a couple of princess stones.

Using a green cocktail emerald around which a circle of diamonds extends to the neck as an engagement proposal ring sets out your no-holds-barred intention statement loud and clear. Green cocktail rings can be paired with anything from matching materials to hanging silver or diamond pendants, essentially attracting attention on its own.

Final Words

Soon-to-be newlyweds can reap the many benefits of diamond engagement rings as finished offerings that offer gorgeous alternatives without long assembly times or inflated labor costs. From three stones to halos, the cocktail engagement ring can be of any style you choose, with bands of silver, multicolored platinum, or gold.

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