The Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Purchasing diamond engagement rings is now a common thing. More couples are resorting to marking this significant milestone with this precious metal. Anyone who wants to propose has to buy a suitable ring that expresses their desire to spend the rest of their lives with their better half.

The Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring
Once you find the one, finding the perfect engagement ring can be challenging. You want to get a ring that fully encompasses your intentions and love for them. Since it should be a sign that shows you are ready for the next level, figuring out how much to spend is not easy.

Many are under pressure to spend more than they can afford. Aside from this, most men have no experience shopping for jewelry. This is why working with an expert jeweler is crucial. You need an experienced professional to guide you through the buying process.

Find Out How Much You Can Comfortably Spend

You need to decide on a budget before you step into a jewelry store. Don’t succumb into the pressure of spending more than you have. Remember that the thought that goes into purchasing an engagement ring is more important than how much you spend. Spending more than you have means walking into your marriage with a huge debt, which is not advisable. Besides, working with a price range allows the jeweler to narrow down your options.

A simple search query can help you determine what engagement rings cost. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get your lady the perfect engagement ring. Working with well-reputed jewelers ensures you have a wide selection of cheap engagement rings to choose from. Research helps you get financially prepared so you don’t begin this new phase of your life with a huge debt.

Found Out Her Ring Size

It is an important thing to find out her ring because you want the ring to be a perfect fit. Imagine going down on one knee only to find out the ring cannot slide down your spouse’s finger? The awkwardness that’ll ensue will be hard to rub off your memory.

If you want the proposal to be a surprise, there are many tricks you can use to keep the upcoming event a secret. Consider carrying a ring your spouse regularly wears with you to the jeweler.

You can also press one of her rings into clay to get accurate measurements. Precise measurement saves you the frustration of having to re-size the ring. Some men measure the ring finger with a string while their loved one is asleep.

A surprise proposal shows your spouse that you are thoughtful and romantic. Presenting your bride-to-be with a ring that fits perfectly and is what they want makes them feel appreciated. After all, it’s the little details that usually make a world of difference.

However, if the purchase is not a surprise, go with her to make the process easier. She can fit different rings while you decide on which one to buy. Some women prefer being part of the searching process to surprise proposals. Besides, you could still surprise her with an engagement even when she was part of the buying process.

Find out Your Spouse’s Style

Even though presenting your spouse with a ring is an expression of your intentions with them, you need to realize that they are the ones who’ll wear it. You need an enjoyment ring that aligns with your spouse’s style and personality.

Each woman has a unique preference when it comes to jewelry. Taking note of the jewelry pieces your partner loves to wear gives you an idea of the engagement ring they’d love. When it comes to personality, figure out if she’s outgoing or laid back.

Consider going into a jewelry store under the pretext of needing to purchase jewelry for yourself. Once there, take a mental note of the rings that capture the attention of your partner. You could even comment on different pieces to see her reaction. Ensure you are not so obvious that they see through your pretext.

The Four C’s of Diamond Engagement Rings

The four C’s of diamonds helps you judge the quality of different engagement rings. The parameters came about in 1953, developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It is a globally recognized grading system that also determines the price of different diamond engagement rings.

Weighing these factors against each other is the key to finding the perfect engagement ring. The four C’s include;

• Carats

All jewelers globally measure the weight of diamonds in carats. One carat translates to 0.2 grams. Heavy diamonds are rare; thus, the heavier the diamond, the more expensive it becomes. If you are working on a budget, find a diamond that has been cleverly mounted to appear bigger.

• Cut

The second C is cut, and this refers to angles on the diamond. The person who cuts diamonds determines their proportions. The right cut ensures that the diamond sparkles by reflecting light off its surface. The cut is the most important of all the four C’s.

• Color

Did you know that diamonds come in different colors? There is a scale that ranges from D to Z. the colors range from colorless to light yellow, and the colorless ones are the most expensive.

• Clarity

Diamonds come with flaws, and the more there are, the less clear. Clarity is also determined by how pure the stone is. The most expensive in this regard are pure diamonds with no inclusions.

Final Thoughts

They say if you find the one you love, put a ring on time. But before that, ensure you have the perfect wedding ring. Working with experienced jewelers ensure that you get all the assistance you need.

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