Shopping For Gold or Silver Jewelry? Here Are Tips to Buy on a Low Budget

Gold and silver remain the most popular precious metals in jewelry making. They have a rich heritage going back to the time of ancient civilizations. Gold jewelry emanates timeless beauty and its sophisticated nature makes it valuable. On the other hand, silver jewelry is brilliant, affordable and versatile, making it a popular choice with jewelry lovers.

Whether you wish to upgrade your jewelry collection or make a gift to a special person in your life, gold and silver jewelry is a smart choice. However, the high demand for these precious metals makes them expensive. You have to set aside a big budget to buy the best pieces.

Luckily, there are smart shopping tactics you can use to buy these fine jewelry accessories while on a budget.

Have you set your eyes on that gold pendant? Maybe you wish to gift your spouse a sterling silver anniversary ring. If yes, this guide offers tips to do this while on a budget.

Have you set your eyes on that gold pendant? Maybe you wish to gift your spouse a sterling silver anniversary ring. If yes, this guide offers tips to do this while on a budget.

1. Learn the Basics of Gold

If you want to get the best deal on any jewelry piece, you need to learn about its features and qualities. Learning the basics of gold jewelry provides you with an advantage when negotiating for the best deal.
For instance, you should understand the different standards of gold used in jewelry making. The purity standard of the gold determines the quality and pricing of the final product.

Learning about the Karat measurement is thus the first step in buying gold jewelry. Buying pure gold will cost you an arm and a leg and you should consider going for lower purity to save money.

The color of gold also determines the price. You can go for a common color to save more money. Yellow, rose and white gold is most common on the market. Rare gold colors such as green cost more.

2. Understand Silver Jewelry

Pure silver is brittle and impractical for jewelry making. This necessitates the addition of copper or another stronger metal. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. This does not diminish the brilliance of the silver metal but only strengthens it.

When shopping for silver jewelry look for pieces with a hallmark to guarantee the best quality. Such inscriptions include “92.5” or “925 silver”.

Cheaper silver accessories on the market may mostly be cheap metals plated with silver. This plating wears off with time to leave the ugly metal exposed.

3. Timing is Crucial

During the holidays, shoppers look for the best quality jewelry. This includes gold and silver jewelry. They pay top dollars for these items and jewelry stores cash in on the high demand.

If you want to save money, avoid buying gold or silver jewelry during the holidays. The best timing to buy gold and silver is immediately after the holidays when stores offer incredible discounts to keep their operations running. After the holiday months, stores will encourage customers who are on a budget and offer the best prices.

Shopping for Gold and Jewellery

4. Go For Custom Jewelry

Buying stock jewelry for a special occasion might end up costing more than you had planned. With custom jewelry, it is possible to pick materials and designs that suit your budget.

For instance, if you want a diamond wedding band set in gold or silver, you can have your jewelry designer build it to suit your budget.

Buying such an item from a high-end store will set you back by thousands of dollars. You will also incur the cost of refitting and customization.

5. Shop Online

The internet is a godsend for consumers looking for the best bargains. There is a wide range of online outlets from which you can order your gold or silver jewelry.

These online retailers have few overheads and can give you the better price discounts. Most online jewelry stores offer discounts on their products throughout the year. You can even design jewelry and have them deliver it to your doorstep.

Online jewelry shopping not only saves you money but also reduces the hassle of shopping for affordable gold and silver accessories at high-end jewelry stores.

6. Look For Clearance Sales

Jewelry stores have clearance sales to create room for trends for the new season. You should keep checking for such promotions as you can still find high-quality gold and silver items at budget-friendly prices.

7. Consider Used Jewelry

Used jewelry is now a popular choice with fashion lovers. You can get amazing deals online or from pawnshops and other outlets. Ask for certifications before buying such jewelry and consider how easy it will be to restore your piece.

Final Thoughts

Gold and silver jewelry have a timeless beauty and class. They are easy to wear and combine with different outfits. However, the price of such jewelry may be out of your budget. This is where a little creativity comes in handy. With these tips, you can still get your hands on that glamorous gold or silver piece that you desire.

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