How to Look Professional Even When Wearing Ornament to Work

Dressing for work is one of the most frustrating tasks for professional women. Finding a balance between professionalism and style is not easy. To make matters worse, you have to redo this balance every day.

Wearing your jewelry and ornaments can be difficult when dressing for work. These ornaments are crucial to accentuate your looks and complete your outfit. If you can get it right in choosing and wearing jewelry to work, you will easily manage to dress for success.

If you always have a hard time pulling off a professional look, this guide offers the basics of wearing ornaments to work.

1. Learn the Rules and Play by the Book

It is all right to be bold with ornaments for informal occasions. However, when dressing for the work place, you have to play by the book. You should read about the dressing code at your work place to understand the guidelines laid out for wearing ornaments.

Some companies allow all jewelry, while others restrict employees to specific kinds of accessories. In some work environments, there are restrictions on ornaments due to safety concerns and you should always adhere to such regulations.

If there are no rules that discuss what and how to wear ornaments in your workplace, avoid being the trendsetter and gauge the atmosphere instead. Look at what your bosses wear to determine if this is a conservative or liberal workplace. This way, you will stay out of trouble and always look good.

2. Go For Subtle or Simple Ornaments

When looking for appropriate ornaments for the office, remember not to go overboard. This is a work environment and while your sartorial taste matters, your bosses are more impressed by the input and dedication to the work assigned to you.

Avoid showy or gaudy ornaments that will distract from your potential. Do not try to impress anyone too much; instead, make a statement with simple but elegant ornaments.

Depending on your workplace, you should opt for subtle ornaments such as diamond studs, a classy watch, and a ring. Avoid ankle bracelets and any other ornaments that attract too much attention.

3. Less is More

This is a rule of thumb when wearing ornaments to work. Your workplace is one of the most formal places you will encounter. As such, you should restrict yourself to wearing one, or at the maximum, three jewelry items at a time.

For instance, a pair of beautiful earrings, a pendant necklace and, a classic watch is enough to complete your look. You can also opt for a single statement ornament to make your outfit pop.

Diamond eternity rings are a popular office ornament for women who do not wear an engagement ring. You can also build your outfit around a bold gold necklace.

4. Opt for Minimalist jewelry Design

Minimalist jewelry has continued to set trend and it is a great choice if you want a professional look. This type of jewelry is subtle and yet makes a statement about the wearer. The ornaments work with multiple outfits and you will find them perfect for your office suits and dresses.

5. Noise is Never Good

If you love metal ornaments, you should ensure that they do not clatter or clink when at work. Your jewelry should not disturb other workers in the office. If you realize your ornaments clink when you move your hands, make sure te refrain from wearing them to the office.

6. Don’t fall into a Rut

It is common for working women to pick what is readily available on their dresser. This mostly applies to jewelry and with time, some pieces become a common feature of their outfits.

It is important to change things occasionally. Do not allow yourself to fall into a rut when it comes to office attire. Instead, continue adding appropriate office jewelry to your collection and try them out with different outfits.

7. Avoid Religious or Political Symbolism

Everyone has his or her own religious and political convictions. However, the workplace is not the right place to show off your stand.

Wearing ornaments that make a political or religious statement can cause misunderstandings in the workplace. Other people may find your choice of ornaments offensive. This could hamper your relationships in the office.

8. Go For Flattering Ornaments

Dressing for success is not easy but you can pull it off by choosing to wear jewelry that flatters the features of your body. For instance, when choosing a necklace, look for one that highlights your neckline or your face.

When choosing earrings to choose a design that calls attention to your impressive facial features. If you have long nice fingers, choose a large statement ring to accentuate this part of your body. Avoid wearing ornaments without considering the effect they will have on your persona.

9. Avoid Overwhelming Ornaments

At work, you want all eyes to be on you. As such, you can choose ornaments that draw focus to yourself but do not choose gaudy ornaments. The last thing you may want is for everyone to keep looking at your gorgeous diamond ring with the large diamond in it, instead of maintaining eye contact.

10. Avoid Faceted Jewelry

Of course, your jewelry box is not complete without some dazzling faceted jewelry. However, these pieces are not for the office. They dashing appearance is ideal for cocktails and other causal events but it is too much for the office environment.

Final Thoughts

Wearing ornaments in the office is not easy but when done right, it has a big impact on your look. Whatever your working environment, it is important to consider accentuating your look with appropriate ornaments. Make sure you understand the dress code and rules at your office and keep things simple. The ornaments you choose should neither distract from your professional look nor disrupt others at work.

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