A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get the Perfect Anniversary Ring

Would you like to give your lady a ring for your 10th anniversary? I bet you’d like a complete guide on how to go about the purchase. Many men tend to confuse anniversary rings and eternity rings as much as they confuse engagement rings and wedding rings. If this is your first anniversary in marriage, consider buying a gold anniversary ring as tradition stipulates.

Diamond anniversary rings are a perfect way of celebrating a huge milestone as a married couple. You and your spouse get to commemorate the beautiful moments you’ve shared. It should be a symbol of how much you’ve accomplished together.

Since an anniversary holds such sentimental value, finding the perfect one can be a challenge. You need to find a piece that your spouse will appreciate as well. It means that you should understand your lady’s taste.

The Difference Between Anniversary and Eternity Rings?

Anniversary and eternity rings look alike except for the fact that the diamonds on an eternity ring go full circle around the band. The diamonds on an anniversary ring, on the other hand, appear on the front part of the band alone.

That is why when you look down at a finger with both rings, they look alike. And from the names, anniversary rings celebrate the number of years you’ve been married to your spouse while eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting love.

When Should You Gift Your Spouse a Diamond Anniversary Ring?

Ideally, you should gift your spouse a diamond ring on your 10th anniversary. Majority of couples celebrate their 10th, 15th and 25th anniversaries. But this is not a strict rule that you should not break. You can choose to gift your woman a diamond ring on your first anniversary if that’s what your heart desires.

For most couples, the man gifts the woman a ring. However, there are also diamond anniversary rings for men. You can get matching anniversary bands for you and your spouse. The most important thing is ensuring the ring represents your relationship.

Types of Anniversary Rings and Bands to Choose From

Do you want to buy a pair of matching his and hers anniversary rings, or just one for your woman? Well, whatever you decide, you have to figure out the style to go with.

Unlike wedding and engagement rings, anniversary rings tend to be more modern. In which case, vintage and antique rings are not an option. There are a wide variety of settings and stone colors to choose from.

You are not looking for a ring with one center stone because unlike engagement rings; anniversary rings comprise of multiple stones. The majority have three stones that symbolize the past, the present, and the future. An anniversary ring can have as many as 20 stones depending on the setting.

The ring setting you choose determines the number of stones you can have on the ring.

> Prong Setting

This is a 5-12 stone diamond ring that’s flashy because the prong setting increases light penetration. This is among the most luxurious anniversary ring. It is more appealing because the stones are big.

> Pave Setting

This setting uses micro pave diamonds that appear in two rows. The stones are set in the ring so they are not as flashy in the case of a prong setting. The rings have a stud appearance.

> Channel Setting

Rings with this setting are suitable for anyone planning to pair their anniversary ring with the wedding band. The design involves using two metals to form a channel that holds the nine diamonds in place.

> Bezel Setting

In the case of bezel settings, the ring appears elegant because of how the metal has been curved around the diamonds. The bezel setting can hold up to 20 stones.

The Clarity and Color of the Ring

So how many stones should you go for? Consider using the number of diamonds to represent a significant aspect of your union. Remember that the color of the band does matter. It should represent her personality. Consider getting a color that corresponds with the wedding and engagement ring.

You need to work with a credible jeweler to get the clarity level of your choice. You also get assistance choosing the best one from an experienced individual. Clarity is the number of flaws visible on the diamonds. A diamond ring with high clarity is unsurprisingly more expensive.

How to Wear an Anniversary Ring

The style of the anniversary ring determines how you should wear it. If it’s a band, you can pair wit with the wedding band and engagement ring. Alternatively, you can choose to have the anniversary ring in place of your engagement ring.

Some people choose to wear their anniversary ring on the right hand. If the wedding and engagement ring makes a perfect match, there is no use messing this up with a third ring. Besides, wearing your engagement on your right hand allows it to stand out.

In case you are a man who received an anniversary, you could always pair it with your wedding band. Alternatively, you can have it in place of your wedding band.

Final Thought

Anniversary rings are sentimental gifts that are used to mark a given number of years in marriage. Purchasing your diamond engagement ring from a credible jeweler ensures you get assistance in choosing from an expert. Men can also get anniversary rings that get paired with the wedding band.

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