7 Jewelry Accessories That Make Older Ladies Look Fabulous

Maye Musk, Yoko Ono, Maxine Waters, Lauren Hutton, Jane Fonda, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Iris Apfel, Cate Blanchett; what is unique about all these ladies? Apart from the fact that all of them are famous in their own way, they are also fashion icons despite their older age. They say age is nothing but a number and while this is cliché, there is irrefutable truth in the maxim. For instance, if you love good jewelry, age should not make you abandon your passion.

Although there may be some jewelry pieces that you would need to avoid as age catches up with you, you still have a wide variety of options that would suit your fashion taste. In this article, you will read about some jewelry accessories that are suitable for older women and find tips on wearing them like a pro.

1. Long Pendant Necklaces

Remember the chokers you loved so much in your 20s and 30s? Well, they can no longer work in your 50s because they will attract attention to your chin. The best necklaces should fall below the collarbone, or lower, to draw attention away from your ageing jawline. There is no reason to be ashamed of your ageing features. However, if you want to feel confident in public, the pendant on your necklace should accentuate your best features.

With age, you have to become smarter with your choices of jewelry. Now that you want to look good, make sure your necklaces are elegant and graceful. Avoid gaudy pieces that would have looked cool in your younger days. Instead, go for pendant necklaces that ooze class and style.

2. Elegant Diamond Rings

Diamonds are forever; this might be a marketing gimmick but it is one that has a lot of truth in it. You see, diamonds will look good on a woman because of the versatility of this gem. It is possible to find a piece that suits your style irrespective of your age. Black diamond rings are all the rage today and there is nothing to stop you from adopting this trendy style.

In addition, you should wear any special diamond rings including engagement, wedding band and anniversary rings comfortably whenever possible. The best thing about diamond jewelry is the ease of customization. When shopping for a new piece, you should always consider your everyday ring and ensure that the styling and design works seamlessly with each other. Look for elegant styles and settings for your diamond rings and avoid large pieces that draw unnecessary attention.

3. Colored Gems

If you look at the list of fashionable older women, you will note that most of them wear colored gems comfortably. From Tanzanite, colored diamonds, aquamarine, amethyst, emerald, moonstone, topaz, alexandrite, opal to sapphires, there is no dearth of beautiful gemstones on the market.

When wearing jewelry that has colored gems in them, go for jewelry that accentuates your strong body features. If you love your bust, go for a large pendant with a colored gem. You can also wear colored gems on your fingers if you want to call attention to your beautiful fingers. Another great idea is to match a colored gem with the color of your eyes. This trick helps older women look stunning and it is easy to find high-quality jewelry to pull off this look.

4. Gorgeous Earrings

Earrings are a woman’s best accessories and it is tough to leave the house without wearing a beautiful pair. This should not change as you age. You should find a beautiful pair of earrings to draw the viewer’s eye away from your jowls. If you have beautiful ears, a pair of large pearl earrings will attract attention to your strong features. Stay away from drop earrings because they can make your face look droopy.

5. Classy Bracelets

Bracelets are among the most common accessories. They are perfect for older women who want to look glamorous. They are easy to find and wear, and they give you a charming and youthful appeal. Although you can wear several at a time, avoid overdoing this, as this will seem tacky. Choose bracelets that complement your outfit wherever possible. Mix and match the colors for a better effect.

6. Family Heirlooms

If you want to dazzle and stun other with your accessories, it is time to get out that vintage family heirloom pieces. Of course, they are only for special occasions and it has to work with the outfit. These pieces add a dash of flair to your look and you can bet everyone around you will notice.

7. Brooches

The easiest way to make a fashion statement as an older woman is to wear a stylish brooch on your outfit. Look for classical brooches with pearls and garnets and you will instantly turn your outfit into the talk of the town. It is the simplest way to look elegant and stylish at an older age.

There is no dearth of incredible jewelry items that older women should consider wearing. Whatever you choice, first ensue that you are comfortable wearing them. It is also advisable to go for custom jewelry that suits your look and style. The jewelry you wear must also reflect your personal style and your signature look. Focus on balance when choosing jewelry pieces to wear, and make sure you choose pieces that accentuate your strong body features. Avoid falling for trends because they might not match your fashion style.

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