Here’s Irrefutable Reasons to Invest In the Best Jewelry

If you love jewelry, it is very likely that you follow news about the industry closely. There are auctions around the world every year where pieces from family heirlooms sell for incredible amounts. In 2017, a Pink Star diamond sold for £57.3 million in Sotheby’s Hong Kong. In 2008, a British jeweler bought the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond at a whopping $23.4 million. Most of these jewelry pieces were not that expensive during the initial purchase. That should give you an idea why jewelry remains a great investment.

Buying any precious jewelry item is a wise investment for you and your family. The multiple diamond anniversary rings your spouse gifts you every year are an incredible investment for your future. If you still have doubts about the importance of jewelry as an investment, this article explores other advantages of investing in beautiful jewelry.

1. Long-term Investment

Gold, diamond, silver and other precious metals increase in value over time. If you own any piece containing such materials, you can cash in on this appreciation in their value. Today, gold and most other precious metals are a long-term investment. This is one the reasons why some families auction pieces from their heirloom when the prices are right.

The gold earring that you buy today can turn into the best investment you have ever made a few years down the line. If you have never thought of jewelry as a long-term investment, look at the prices of precious metals over the years and you will see that they keep rising even during recessions.

2. Versatile Investment Option

If you want to turn your love for jewelry into an investment option, you have a wide range of choices. It is possible to buy genuine jewelry from anywhere across the world. From vintage pieces to the contemporary, you can specialize in any form of jewelry to get the best returns. Unlike most other investment options, there is no limit to the type of jewelry. From earrings, anklets, necklaces, bracelets to rings, there is no limit.

3. Portable Assets

If you travel a lot, you have an incredible opportunity to invest in precious jewelry. Jewelry is portable. This makes it an easy asset to carry across borders. For instance, if you do not want to carry cash, you can invest in a precious gem and carry it as an investment across the world. Precious jewelry retains its value across the globe and if you need cash, you can always sell your jewelry.

4. Stable and Safe Investment

In a global economy where prices of virtually everything fluctuate unpredictably, jewelry prices stubbornly stay stable. When the dollar and other currencies take a hit, gold and diamonds will not tumble. In most cases, many investors turn to these assets for reprieve. If you are in the market for an asset that will not turn you into a pauper in minutes, it is time to consider investing in precious jewelry.

It is true the prices might not rise fast but when armed with your precious jewelry, you feel more secure against global economic turmoil that ruins many other investors.

5. Price Independence

Most investment options available on the market are under tight government control. This not only makes them risky but also difficult to invest in and make returns. Diamonds and gold are independent of government control and prices work in a familiar pattern across the world.

If you invest in precious jewelry, you can hold on to your pieces knowing that any changes in government regulations will not affect your investment. You can sell your pieces across the globe without going through red tape, unlike what happens with real estate and other investment options.

6. Jewelry Has a Sentimental Value

One of the reasons many families hold on to precious pieces in their heirloom is due to the emotional attachment they have to such jewelry. Such jewelry passes down several generations and increases in value with age. When you buy a beautiful diamond ring today, this could turn into the best investment you ever made for your family. These pieces hold sentimental value, making them incredibly precious when compared to any other investments.

7. Diversification to Reduce Risks

Times are hard and the global economy is not at its best. Looking back a decade ago, many families lost their homes and some become destitute when their investments turned into nothing in a matter of weeks. Today, you should consider diversifying your investments by opting for precious jewelry.

When it comes to jewelry there are fewer risks in keeping them as an investment and more importantly, the prices will not collapse when the global economy tanks. To keep your family safe, you should start looking for precious jewelry that can retain or increase its value over time.

If you have been wondering whether your diamond anniversary rings were a good investment, now you have an idea why you should continue to keep them. Jewelry might not rank among the most common investment options available but with this insight, it is obvious that you should consider diversifying now.

There is a lot of invaluable information online to people who search for alternative investment options. The advantages of jewelry as an investment vehicle is more popular, making it easy to find expert advice on how to get started. If you have always had an interest in beautiful jewelry, it is time to cash in on your passion and build a solid investment portfolio.

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