6 Amazing Jewelry Accessories Every Working Woman Should Own

Nearly every woman finds choosing the right jewelry a daunting task. Due to their busy schedules, working women find it even harder. If you have to choose the best piece to match your office suit every morning, you can appreciate how hard this can get. Irrespective of the kind of job you have, it is important to build a good jewelry collection to make it easier to find an ideal piece. Upgrading your jewelry collection periodically is important, if you always have a hard time accessorizing your outfit for work.

In this article, you will read about must-have jewelry accessories for the working woman and factors to consider when buying them.

1. Stylish Rings

A stylish ring is among the first things that come to mind when talking about must-have jewelry for every woman. Rings are not only versatile, they are easy to wear and when thinking of jewelry to wear to work, these small pieces work perfectly. They are unobtrusive and blend easily with any office outfit.

They come in all styles from diamond eternity rings, diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings, statement rings and many others. Whatever your fashion style, you will find a good ring to wear to work every single day. When shopping for the best ring to work, do not go for gaudy, flashy and large pieces that will take away from your formal look.

2. Earrings

Most women find it impossible to step out of the house without wearing a pair of earrings. These small accessories delivery a big punch when it comes to styling and when worn properly, they help you make a subtle fashion statement at work. Brilliant diamond studs, for instance, speak loudly about your fashion sense and bold style.

You can choose from different types of earring styles to suit your outfit as these earrings are readily available on the market. Whatever your fashion style, you can find amazing earrings to wear to work every day.

3. Luxury Watch

Now, a timepiece might not seem like a great accessory but in a highly formal setting, it is just what you need to complete your outfit. A designer watch not only enhances your look but also makes a statement about your personality. It is more than a practical accessory as it tells anyone who looks about your bold personality and professionalism. A beautiful watch gives you a modern, classy and enthralling look, which is important at the workplace.

4. Stylish Necklace

Most working women choose necklaces not only because they enhance their necklines but also because they easily compliment an outfit. You can choose from among many necklace styles to find something stylish to wear.

When choosing a necklace, remember to choose a color that works well with your skin tone. More importantly, do not go for flashy or gaudy necklace styles that would distract from the rest of your outfit. A good necklace for the workplace compliments your outfit and does not compete for attention. It works its magic subtly and spruces your look while giving you a formal look.

5. Elegant Bracelet

Choosing a bracelet to complete your formal look is a no-brainer. These fashion accessories are not only beautiful but also go well when paired with other jewelry pieces. You can choose from a large variety of bracelet styles but the piece you choose must be formal and elegant to suit the workplace.

Avoid overly extravagant pieces or stacking many bracelets on your arm, as this will diminish your intended formal look. The best bracelet should complement your official outfit without being distracting. Make sure you go for colors that complement your skin tone and you will always find it easy to accentuate your outfit with these fashion accessories.

6. Brooches

You might not have thought of brooches to complete your formal office look. However, these versatile elegant fashion accessories should be a part of your jewelry collection. Brooches are eye-catching and they never go out of fashion. The piece you choose should work well with multiple outfits. Finding perfect brooches on the market is not a difficult task.

Brooches ooze class and style, and reveal that you are a bold, fashionable woman ready to push boundaries. The best thing about these fashion accessories is that they can work with a wide range of outfits including shirts, pants and cardigans. If you cannot find any other jewelry piece that accentuates your power suit, you can always go for a brooch to transform your outfit into a stunner instantly.

Buying Jewelry Accessories For Work

  • When shopping for jewelry accessories, it is important to choose pieces that work well with your style. Do not force any jewelry on your outfit. Instead, choose pieces that complement your formal look.
  • It is also important to consider the type of working environment. For instance, if you work outdoors, the choice of jewelry will differ from that of a woman working indoors. Always choose jewelry accessories based on the type of working conditions.
  • It is also important to consider your tone of your skin when choosing jewelry accessories. For a cool skin tone, go for light/ white metals such as white gold, platinum, and silver that will stand out. For a warm skin tone, go for bolder colors such as yellow and rose gold.

No one said you could not look good when going to work. With the right choice of jewelry accessories, you can embellish your outfit and look elegant every day. Doing so is easy to boost your confidence as you face each day looking great.

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