Choose the Best Morganite Diamond Ring to Flaunt your Style

Morganite Diamond Ring

Morganite Diamond Ring

At the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the shutterbugs went crazy over the large size morganite diamond ring on the finger of Catherine Zeta Jones. It was a 22 carat morganite diamond cocktail ring that was surrounded by white diamonds and set in rose gold. It was a beauty!

Blake Lively recently flaunted a pale pink oval diamond weighing around 12 carats, now that’s huge, right! Well, that’s what celebrities love to wear, bigger looking rings with large centre stones.

Celebrities have a different budget when they are on a shopping spree. For them ‘the bigger, the better’ is the concept they work on. However, ladies don’t despair; you too can have all that red carpet bling with your morganite diamond ring. Just consult a jewellery designer and custom-design your own ring that may be inspired by some famous Hollywood rings. The end result would be a soft pink morganite diamond ring that your family and friends would be envious of.

Peachy Pink Morganite

Morganite rings are durable and have a fantastic sparkle. This rare semi-precious stone is a close cousin to more familiar beryls like Emerald and Aquamarine. Though its color ranges from pale pink to peachy pink, violet pink and salmon color, it’s better known for its peachy pink shade. There is a rare magenta colored morganite that is found only in Madagascar which is highly sought after by collectors and jewellery designers. This gemstone exudes compassion and divine love; therefore it serves to be a more preferred gemstone for its warm overtones. If you are a pink kind of a girl then the soft color of morganite is neutral enough to accommodate any fashion choice without worrying too much about matching your outfit with your accessories.

With a good hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 on the Moh’s Scale, morganite is a combination of high hardness and durability. Also, being a Type 2 gemstone, morganites lack any visible inclusions. If needed, your jewellery designer would readily cut and polish the pink gemstone selected by you for enhancing the beauty and brilliance of the resulting morganite diamond ring.

Can’t Get Enough of Morganite!

Imagine a 2 carat princess cut morganite gemstone mounted on rose gold metal, with the morganite being surrounded by white diamonds. Wow! Won’t that make for an exquisite ring! Morganite set in rose gold exudes much sharper colors from the morganite. Are you still looking for a special stone for your next ring? Compared to other rare gemstones, morganite is an affordable option. You will definitely fall in love with morganite because its light pastel shades are flawless, stunning and affordable. Jewellery designers can easily cut odd-shaped morganite pieces into the perfect shape for maximizing their color and brilliance.

The darker shades of morganite can also be mounted on white gold or platinum to soften the dark pink shade of morganite. A three stone morganite ring usually has a cushion cut center stone with and pear-shaped side stones on each side; these three stones, when surrounded by white diamonds, surely make for a mind-blowing ring.

Some of the most desirable shapes of morganite are round, oval, pear, cushion, trillion, heart and briolette. There are many designs and styles to choose from, just click on the various online stores that deal with morganite diamond rings and you will see yourself getting spoilt for choice. You may like to visit a local reputed jeweler who can help you custom design your own ring.

Beliefs Related to Morganite

They are just beliefs, to be taken with a pinch of salt. Believe only what you want. Morganite is a very pretty pink stone of love and happiness. It carries an energy that can warm the soul of the person who is wearing the morganite ring. It represents purity and potential and cleanses the body of stress and anxiety. If these properties are to be believed then you definitely want your loved one to wear a morganite diamond ring so that she is always warm and stress free. Morganite also helps in balancing masculine and feminine energy and is believed to help with asthma, heart and lung disorders. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you think it is worth investing in a morganite diamond ring that claims to have such amazing crystal healing powers?

Care and Maintenance of Morganite Diamonds

1. Morganite rings are hard and durable, but they do require care and cleaning after being used a few times. Like other gemstone rings, a morganite diamond ring is sensitive to pressure and needs to be kept away from harsh household cleaning chemicals like bleaching powder or sulphuric acid.

2. To keep it clean and shinning, all you need to do is soak your ring in warm soapy water and gently scrub it clean; thereafter use a soft cloth to rub it dry. You have to be extra careful in removing the entire soapy residue from the ring or else the shine on the ring will go kaput! Due to its hardness, morganite can easily scratch and damage other precious gemstone jewellery; therefore you need to store your morganite diamond ring separately.

3. Once in every few years, it is a good idea to take your morganite diamond ring to your trusted local jeweler for thorough cleaning, and if needed, for any repair work that is required on the ring. It will not only bring back the shine on your ring but also make is last a life time.

Since this lustrous pink stone is more affordable than other gemstones, think big and go big! You can get the feel of being a Hollywood diva walking on the red carpet in your own capacity. Choose the size that suits your pocket, and you will definitely have some envious friends around.

Think different and don’t shy away from making a soft yet bold statement with the pinkish shade of a morganite diamond ring!

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