How to Shop Quality Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Princess cut diamond engagement rings feature a square-cut and pyramid profile diamond stone in the center of the ring. It is the second most popular diamond cut amongst the modern to-be-brides. This diamond cut is equally popular in wedding couples too.

Due to its square cut, the stone features multiple facets which make it look brilliant. Some couples also choose a bit rectangular shaped princess cut diamond ring and they are little lower in cost than the perfect square princess cut. At the end, you just need to search for an engagement ring that best matches your needs and tastes.

Diamond rings with princess cut come with protective prongs on all the four corner of the stone, the most vulnerable areas for chipping and other damages. Amongst all different shapes and styles of diamond engagement rings, princess cut diamond rings promises most stunning look at great price.

Jewelers offer princess cut engagement rings in a wide range of metal choices including white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. So, you are sure to find a dream engagement ring you will treasure for the rest of your life.

The term princess cut diamond was first coined in the year 1961 and these days it is commonly known as a profile cut. However, the diamond cut become quite popular in the 1970 when several Israeli designers took inspiration from the French cut and inserted a bunch of chevrons in the pavilion, which begins the era of the princess cut diamond.

It is its sheer classiness and dazzling appeal that make princess cut rings the second most famous and most sought-after rings after round-cut diamonds. While the princess cut diamond rings assures same level of sparkle and beauty as round cut diamonds, they have some other advantages too. Wondering what are they? Continue reading then.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are more affordable

In comparison to the most traditional round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds have a less price-per-carat. 1 carat piece of rough stone will be able to yield 0.40ct of round cut diamond but it can yield up to 0.90ct of princess cut diamond.

In addition, princess cuts are only built using rough diamond stones which have excellent quality. Two same size princess cut stones can be carved out from the same rough diamond crystal with minimal waste.

Shopping for a princess cut diamond engagement ring

When you are shopping diamonds, you need to mainly focus on 4 factors – the 4 C’s : Color, clarity, carat and cut. It is these four parameters that decide the cost of the diamond. Let’s check out what you need to remember when buying princess cut engagement rings.

Color: You can consider H, G or I grade diamond for more whiteness. You will find it challenging to spot color difference between G and F or above with naked eyes. So decide to use your money smartly. Remember, princess cut diamonds better retain color than round cut diamonds. It is also important that the color grade of the center stone, aka crown, matches the color grade of the accent diamond stones.

Clarity: Princess cuts brilliantly hide inclusions. With princess cuts, it is strongly recommended that you buy VS2 or SI1 clarity diamond. Or you may look for the rare SI1 graded diamonds for best clarity.

Carat: Compared to round cut and other diamond cuts of same size, princess cut rings look bigger on hand. But in reality, princess cut diamonds look smaller than the round cut diamond stones of same weight. The bigger size you go, the more it will cost you, mainly when it is more than 1 carat stone.

Cut: Now this is really a tricky part. However, it is recommended to buy a princess cut diamond with total depth of 65-75%. The height of the crown should be 8-15%. You can rely on GIA (Gemological Institute of America) guidelines or simply look for a most reliable as well as reputable jewelry store online.

Shop your engagement ring online for more style choices

Thanks to its brilliant shape and flexibility, princess cut diamonds best compliment most of the modern styles or settings of engagement rings. Halo, solitaire and 3-stone settings are the most trending choices amongst women. You can explore all these three and many other styles while shopping a princess cut diamond engagement ring online.

When you shop online, not just you have more options and more varieties of styles, metals and stones, but you also save time and hassles of visiting the no. of retail jewelry stores for that dream ring. Many of your local jewelry stores have already gone online. Browse web and start shopping your princess cut diamond engagement ring NOW!

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