The Guide to Getting the Ideal Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond Promise Rings

Diamond Promise Rings

Promise rings are a symbol of a couple that wishes to stay devoted to one another, but aren’t ready for the commitment of an engagement yet. There was a time when these rings used to signify a pre-engagement status; however, nowadays the millenials are using them to showcase their exclusivity as a couple. To most couples, the ring does not even have to be worn on the left hand because it is simply a signal of future engagement. If you are looking for diamond promise rings for your girl, the guidelines below will help you make a good choice.

Designing a Promise Ring

The design of the promise ring has become a very important part of the process to the millenials. The appearance of the rings has changed a lot and does not resemble the traditional types. The size of the stone will differ from one ring to the next depending on what the couple wants. Also, the couple can choose a single stone or a blend of several gemstones. Some interesting ideas include setting the diamonds in a floral pattern and using gemstones with color to represent the different birthstones of the couple.

Diamond Carat Size

Most people think that the only reason bigger stones are chosen is to show off the level of affection. The reality is that the size of the wearer’s hand also matters when making the decision. If the wearer has large hands, a small diamond will look even smaller than it actually is and if the wearer has small hands, the diamond may look larger. Another factor that will determine how good the diamond looks is the cut. The common types of cut include:

Round cut: one of the attributes of diamonds with a round cut is that they are symmetrical. This means that they catch and reflect light beautifully. There are modern cutting techniques that allow the jewelers to make sure that even the smaller diamonds with the round cut get the light and brilliance found in the larger ones.

Princess cut: If you are looking for the brilliance that is found in the round cut diamonds, but at a lesser cost, this is the cut type to go for. When you choose the princess cut, make sure that the faceting is similar to the round cut diamond. This will give you the light and sparkle that comes with the round diamond.

Other cut types that are less common, and wound be a great investment for people that like uniqueness include: radiant, emerald, marquise, oval, pear, and heart. The jeweler helps you look at samples of all the cuts so you can decide the one ideal for your needs.

Choosing Between the Loose Diamond and the Set One

Many people prefer the purchase of a lose diamond as compared to the set types. There are some benefits which come from the purchase of the lose diamond; first, it will be easier to assess the quality of the ring. When you have found that perfect lose diamond, you can then look for a great quality mounting and have it fit in the best way possible. When you have a qualified person handling the setting for you, they will help you strike the tricky balance between the size and quality as this is what determines the brilliance of the final piece.

Diamond Color and Clarity

There are small imperfections that come with some diamonds. These are known as inclusions. When a diamond has no imperfections, it is referred to as being flawless. Less than 1 percent of all diamonds have less than 1 percent of inclusions. There are symbols used to represent the different levels of clarity for the diamonds. FL and IF means flawless and internally flawless. VVS1 and VVS2 means that the diamonds are very slightly included something that cannot be noted in less than 10 percent magnification.

Carat Weight Versus the Cost

The weight of the carat does not reflect on the size of the stone, however, it does affect the cost. A flawless diamond with fewer carats will cost less and sparkle more. Also, try to go for the diamond that weighs just a little less than a full carat because it will be less costly than the full carat counterparts. But note that other factors such as the cut, color and clarity will also affect the cost of the diamond.

When you weight all these factors well, you will come up with the ideal diamond promise ring for that person you want to show your commitment level to.

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