Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Add Sparkle To Your Engagement

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The sparkle in the eye of your beloved is precious. Sometimes, it would remind you of the glitzy princess cut diamond engagement rings that never failed to wow your senses. That is why, your special day becomes all the more so with such beautiful engagement rings. With your engagement just around the corner, love is surely in the air. There are very few things in life that will impress your bride-to-be more than a large beautifully cut and designed diamond ring.

Yes, a diamond ring is considered to be a girls’ best friend. Add a diamond ring to the happiness of being united with your beloved. Its shimmer will add to the magic that’s already palpable in the festivities.

What is a princess cut diamond?

The second most popular shape in the cut of diamonds is the princess cut. It is second only to the round cut diamond. The face of the princess cut diamond is either rectangular or has a square shape. It looks like an inverted pyramid beveled on four sides. The princess cut was accidentally revealed in the 1960’s and has garnered unprecedented popularity in the last few decades.

This sort of a cut offers a more cost effective design than a round cut diamond. The princess cut diamond engagement rings have a larger carat by surface area ratio, this is because the corners of the round cut diamond are chiseled away to form a round shaped cut. The princess cut stone retains 80% of the rough diamond after cutting and polishing as opposed to the round cut brilliant which retains only 50% of the original stone. The princess cut is also labeled as the Barion cut or the square modified cut. It was originally designed in France and is also called the ‘early French’ or the ‘double French’ cut.

There is not enough empirical data or industry consensus to grade the princess cut diamond without any suitable accreditation facilities. Consumers may be misled by the cut as it can be confused by other grades of diamonds. The princess cut was adapted by European cutters with 58 facets and was later further adapted into 49 facets to add a bigger sparkle.

Design ideas with princess cut diamonds

The princess cut diamond is a sight to behold with sparkling and twinkling facets reflecting all the colors of the spectrum. The premium cut adds to the brilliance of the stone, with the cut lending sophistication and a certain crushed ice beauty to the ring. Princess cut diamond rings are the ultimate status symbol as the cut lends itself to showy and ostentatious designs.

The solitaire princess cut is the most obvious choice in engagement rings. The squarish cut looks equally good in the traditional gold setting as in the more modern and versatile platinum band. The center stone can be set up to look larger than what it actually is by adding a bevy of smaller chips around the band. These smaller diamonds can be put in a composite setting so that the entire band sparkles when the stones catch the light. This can loosely be called the eternity band style.

How to choose the right design at an affordable price

The wedding follows close on the heels of the engagement and is a pricey affair. There are a lot of expenses associated with a wedding. Thus, it is of prime importance to limit yourself to a budget where the engagement ring is concerned. It is always possible to upgrade to a larger ring at a later date when you can genuinely afford it.

It is a good idea to first choose a setting and then look for a stone to complement the setting. This way, the budget can be pre-determined and the look is also as you had envisioned. If you want the look of a much larger stone you can choose to surround the center stone with a cluster of smaller brilliants micro set to look like a single stone. You may also like to flank the center stone with colored stones for a more eclectic look.

The princess cut stone can also be set in your engagement ring in the other way around. If you have a stone that has been in the family, or has been bought at an earlier time, it is a good idea to design the ring around the stone. The beauty of the princess cut diamond is that it lends its beauty to glorify both traditional and modern eclectic styles.

Caring for your princess cut diamond ring

It goes without saying that a woman in love will cherish her engagement ring, but if the ring looks as good as her princess cut diamond ring, she will definitely treasure it more! Princess cut diamonds are generally set in prongs and need tender loving care.

  1. It is advisable not to use household cleaners while wearing your ring; the stone might get loosened from the setting.
  2. It is better to avoid heavy work while wearing your princess cut diamond ring to avoid corner chipping.
  3. It is a good idea to clean the ring with a mild detergent solution (without the use of a cloth) to avoid pulling the prongs loose.
  4. Do remember to rinse the ring properly as the residue from the detergent may dull the shine of your diamond ring.
  5. The prongs should be taken good care of. Remember, your regular visits to the jeweler, to check their secure edges from time to time, should not go amiss.
  6. Do avoid storing your princess cut diamond ring with softer stone jewelry to avoid damaging the other stones.

Although platinum is much more expensive than gold, it does lend a more royal look to your ring. It is also much stronger than gold and the wear and tear is noticeably lower. In other words, you , may choose platinum as your setting material of choice, for getting an exquisite looking ring, Your investment should be done only after going through the elaborate range of princess cut diamond engagement rings available in reputed online and offline jewelry stores. Once done, you can be assured of seeing the beautiful ring flash on your beloved’s finger and watch the compliments flow!

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