Top Reasons why you Should Invest in a Diamond Cocktail Ring

Diamond Cocktail Ring

Diamond Cocktail Ring

A diamond cocktail ring is graceful and opulent. Often going over the top, it personifies the style statement of its wearer in the most extravagant way. Read why cocktail rings are all that is needed for completing your party outfit.

When was the last time you treated yourself to something special? If you have been longing to invest in the classiest piece, then this blog will tell you where to start without trying too hard. Yes, hands down, a diamond cocktail ring serves to be the most fabulous gift for any woman on this planet, including yourself. So, know the reasons why this much-deserved treat is the best way to pamper your spirit in the best possible way.

The Brilliance of Cocktail Rings Online

Have you been following fashion magazines? Do you love the way celebrities’ wave their well-manicured hands dressed with the smartest cocktail jewelry fashioned with diamonds and other semi-precious stones? If yes, then you would surely know that beautiful diamond cocktail rings are the eternal favorite of Page 3 mongers! They fitfully combine a smart selection of different diamond cuts for creating a truly majestic jewelry example. Such is the magic of these immensely popular jewels that you would love to flaunt them on all days of the week as well. For instance, how would you like to go for a corporate do wearing a cocktail ring that is in the crossover style with brilliant fancy cut diamonds? Believe us, these striking pieces of jewelry are certainly the right way to go and will give you immense vale for your money.

Make your Heart Leap with Different Carat Weights

Gone are the times when you had to make do with the carat weights that were available for grabs at your favorite jewelry store. These days, with online shopping of diamond cocktail bracelets and rings being common place, it’s so easy to find a 0.20 Carat (ctw) ladies diamond cocktail right hand ring in sterling silver. Alternatively, you may like to invest in a 0.16 Carat (ctw) baguette and round sterling silver diamond cocktail promise ring to make heads turn your way. From a 0.24 Carat (ctw) champagne and blue silver fashion band to a 0.50 Carat (ctw) ladies cocktail ring crafted with a black diamond, there is no end of options to choose from. Go for them all!

Striking and Cool Cocktail Rings and Fashion Jewelry

Are you planning to make your friends jealous of a latest acquisition at the next club event? We have the right suggestion for you! How about checking out reputed jewelry stores and boutiques online and feasting your eyes on the best cocktail rings to choose from? Here, all you need to do to get your hands on something really exclusive is to filter your search for custom diamond rings, promise rings in diamonds, cocktail rings designed with diamonds, sterling silver cocktail rings, and so forth.

The displayed results will bring you closer to real diamond right hand rings and fashion bands that you would love to show off at just about any party. Once you’ve shortlisted the diamond ladies cocktail rings of your choice, make sure that the one that best suits your taste and budget promises to introduce you with a bang. Do not settle for anything less as far as cocktail rings with diamonds are concerned!

Be the Show Stopper!

When you plan to invest in a statement piece of cocktail jewel, in effect, you are looking for a show stopper. Say, something that has just walked out of the sets of a Hollywood movie? Or maybe, you just intend to spoil yourself crazy with a not-so-discreet knuckle piece. Whatever be the reason, your cocktail/ dress ring should be able to deliver just what you are after. Every woman’s dream ring, a cocktail ring, is fast becoming an essential fashion accessory rather than merely being complimentary to the underground cocktail party culture of the eras gone by!

Why Choose Diamond and Thrills?

Yes, far from being the rings that dominated the 1920s in America, especially when the Prohibition Period was in force, these cocktail rings perfectly complement flamboyant and stylish evening wear as the ultimate accessory. They represent a culture of social status to perfection. Moreover, these sparkling and bold fashion pieces reflect the inherent personality of their wearers with flair. So, once you are assured of diamond clarity and the carat weight of diamond jewelry, dive headlong into the world of cocktail rings and get ready to make your presence felt!

Cocktail Rings – Rings with a Difference

You always consider yourself different from everyone else. So, why should your ring be any different? By prepping yourself to invest in a cocktail ring, you are choosing to buy a ring that will set you apart in the crowd with its exquisite design and customized looks. Large and eye-catching, the ring purchased by you will capture the glint of your eyes and fast become the cynosure of all eyes.

Equally appropriate for formal and semi-formal parties alike, such custom-designed cocktail rings are especially made to go with traditional as well as designer outfits. In other words, they are quite different from your wedding band or semi-mount diamond engagement ring. Also, they are a far cry from the rings that are a part of your bridal or other diamond jewelry sets. Designed with precious metals like silver sterling, gold, platinum, palladium, and other options, these rings are classy and flamboyant alike.

A Diamond Cocktail Ring – the Best Ring Ever!

Typically, diamond cocktail rings flaunt a large central stone which is about 3 carats in size. To add more to the glitter of the central stone, small colored gemstones and/ or diamonds are used for surrounding the same. The best thing about designing a fancy cocktail ring is that you can give vent to your creativity in the maximum possible way – there are no rules for making your ring as dazzling and striking as you want it to be. Linger no longer and invest in an 18ct white gold cocktail ring or any other design to catch everyone’s attention. Are you keen to demand attention for the diamonds set within with subtle grace; or would you like to keep waving your hands royally to make your creative choice everyone’s envy?

Yes, start thinking about how you will show your new cocktail ring off-right away!

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