Black Gold Diamond Ring : Things Cannot get More Exquisite!

Black Gold Diamond Ring

Black Gold Diamond Ring

Looking for an extraordinary ring that is a head turner? Dark and seductive! Then you would do well to adorn a black gold diamond ring which sparkles with a dark sheen to create a sophisticated look.

The high demand for exquisite jewelry is going to last forever. Women are always looking for something gorgeous and unconventional, something dramatic and memorable! This is making jewelers work overtime in order to create something that is unique and one of its kind. For instance, the striking contrast of black gold and the white diamond rings appeals to the fashion sense of a lot of people.

The traditional shades of diamond rings like yellow gold, rose gold and white gold are quite common and popular amongst jewelry lovers, but when fashionistas flaunt a distinct black gold diamond ring on their fingers, it definitely grabs the attention of everyone around. With so many alternatives to yellow gold, black gold is catching the interest of women in a big way. With ample options available online and a fierce competition between dealers being an order of the day, there is a fair chance that you will strike a good deal and find something gorgeous at an affordable price.

The Mystery of the Dark Sheen

Black gold diamond rings are designed to grab the attention of everyone; they are unique and stunning. Here, the traditional yellow gold is turned to black gold by a complex electroplating process using rhodium or any other high-quality plating material; which in turn provides the black gold its unique black and grey shine. Of late, the jewelers have developed a laser technique, in which, due to the formation of nano-structures, the surface of the metal turns to a deep black in color. Since black gold is obtained via a very complex and tedious process, not all jewelers have the expertise of delivering the best results. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious while shopping for a black gold diamond ring. Do your research and study well about black gold and diamonds, before you go hunting for one. Always go to a reputed local jeweler or the best online stores that specialize in black gold diamond rings to add more value to your investments.

One thing that needs to be clearly understood by you as a customer is that black gold is nothing but a rhodium plated precious metal, which is used for making exquisite rings. This plating can wear off with time; therefore, re-plating the ring, every few years, becomes a must. Be cautious while wearing and handling your ring if you wish to avoid such hassles in future!

The Perfect Diamond for your Black Gold Ring

Black gold is as expensive as any other gold, if not more. Therefore, it is a valuable investment. If you have decided on black gold as the band material for your ring, then you have to give a careful thought to the color, shape, and size of the diamond that you want to set in the ring. Let us list a few options for you to choose from.

Traditional White Diamonds

The radiance of white diamonds blends amazingly with black gold and adds to the beauty and elegance of any ring. The traditional combination of black and white is a favorite amongst most people. You can custom-design your own black gold diamond ring with the help of a reputed jeweler, choose a semi-mount setting and a diamond that complements it, or vice versa – the choice is yours and the options available are plenty.

Mysterious Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds are real diamonds filled with dark inclusions to give them a striking black color. Presence of minerals like hematite, magnetite and sulphide make the color of these diamonds look black. They are rare and very expensive. Therefore, these days, jewelers are treating lower quality white diamonds to turn black, thereby making these diamonds less expensive than the sparkling white ones, but definitely different!

Unique and Valuable Buy

The unconventional combination of black gold and black diamond is magical and mind-blowing. This combination gives any black gold diamond ring an antique look. If you are looking for a unique and one of a kind ring for your loved one, then this is a striking combination which is bound to attract envy.

Scintillating Azure Diamond

The glitter of blue diamond reminds one of the sun reflecting off the ocean, and when you set these stones in a black gold ring, the combination is magnificent. These fancy blue stones come in different cuts like Marquise, Princess cut, Emerald cut, Round diamonds, and many more cuts. The cut of the diamond brings out the brilliance in it. All you have to do is choose the cut or shape which will enhance the beauty of your dream black gold diamond ring.

Ring for Him

The wedding ring is one jewelry item that no man can escape, so why not make it special for him. Unlike the traditional shades of yellow or white gold diamond rings, a black gold wedding band with a diamond on it, gives off a distinct kind of look for your man. There are specially designed black gold diamond rings for men; and they are the “in” color for men’s rings. So, think about how you will slip the black gold diamond ring on to his finger for a long term commitment of love and togetherness; do know for sure that he will proudly flaunt that ring to all his friends.

What does Black Diamond Signify?

The black color of the band signifies conviction and strength and a diamond studded in black metal would symbolise a strong bond in any relationship. Black rings made from tungsten carbide are amongst the strongest of metals and often come with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, rings made of black gold are more powerful.

Way Ahead

Since, black gold diamond rings are fashionable, stylish and attractive; men and women of all age groups love to flaunt this piece of fine jewellery. The most important part in all this is how much would you like to spend on this ring? Well, one thing is for sure that this is going to be a big investment, so you need to plan your finances in advance. If you are ready, then the power of the black gold diamond ring will surely entice you.

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