4 Cs To Consider While Purchasing 1-Carat Diamond

4 Cs To Consider While Purchasing 1-Carat Diamond - dazzling rock

In today’s time, almost every woman yearns for the largest diamond piece. When it comes to rings, they want to have at least 1-carat diamond ring, as it has become a standard for lavishness.

Are you thinking to purchase a unique diamond ring for your loved one?

When we consider the 1-carat versions of rings made from diamonds or solitaire or any other metal, the good aspect here is that the quality is already known.

Still, this written piece will help you to point out few important facts before buying a perfect solitaire or diamond ring of 1 ct.

Few useful tips on how you must purchase the most stunning, radiant diamond at the most affordable pricing are provided herewith.

Aspects to consider while purchasing diamond rings

You may aspire to purchase a 1-carat diamond or opt for some higher quality, considering the below-given tips are extremely important to ensure that you are not fooled into buying something that is not original or you don’t end up paying more for something of lesser quality.

Cut: This actually refers to proportions of gemstones, the width, the depth, as well as its facets. Cut of a diamond controls the brilliance and sturdiness of the gemstone. So considering this aspect is vital.

Clarity: Since it is generated by Mother Nature, diamonds have certain limitations and flaws within the core. Majority of the flaws can be noticed by the jeweler’s magnifying loupe.

However, this does not mean that you cannot be fooled. This also means that you need to find a trustworthy jeweler or an online shop from where you purchase your 1 carat diamond ring.

Carat: This is the weight of the diamond. Generally, bigger the carat, higher the pricing of diamond; even though cut, clarity, color are the most significant factors in deciding the price. Since here the discussion is regarding 1 carat, you need to ensure that it is the same.

Color: Diamonds are accessible in various colors such as black, white, pink and few more. The cut, color, carat, and clarity all control the price range of a gemstone. You can choose based on your liking and get the ring with your diamond.

All these four aspects mentioned above must be carefully checked while purchasing a diamond ring for your beloved. This will put of stamp of guarantee on your purchased ring.

Where To Buy?

Just envisage her lovely expressions when you gift her a diamond ring. You will definitely make your lover’s dream come true. There are several places where you can get amazing deals and discounts.

Nowadays, people are opting for online shopping. At the same time, you must look for guarantees as well as the return policy of that online portal, if in case the piece is not what you actually desire to have. The online marketplace is a wonderful choice for buying jewelry items and worth the money spent as you come across wonderful deals that usual stores might not offer to you.

When an amazingly cut of a solitaire is worn on your ring finger, it completely enhances your personality. This is very much true when 1-carat diamond is adorned with your ring finger and because of your ambient skin color, the overall look is enhanced. While purchasing such rings, you must also keep in mind that you get it hallmarked and get a certificate about the authenticity of the diamond.

This is very much important if you want to sell it off in the near future or expect the glow to survive forever.

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