Tips To Keep Your Princess Cut Ring Glowing, Forever!

Tips To Keep Your Princess Cut Ring Glowing, Forever

Looking for a princess cut diamond engagement ring for your “Princess?”

Get her a ring of her dreams!

With so much and so many to choose from, let us help you look for that special ring.

An engagement ring is the first most important piece of jewelry that one buys in his/ her lifetime. So, choosing the perfect diamond, with a special cut, for the special moment, and for that very special person, can be very stressful. Every diamond shape is unique and beautiful in its own way, with round brilliant diamonds being the most popular shape, the square princess cut ring is in a class of its own.

Yes, it is the most sought after fancy shape. Today, all online and offline jewelry stores offer an amazing collection of engagement rings to suit your style and budget. Just browse and select that gorgeous diamond ring for the girl of your dreams!

The Sparkle of a Square Shaped Diamond!

A princess cut diamond is generally square or slightly rectangular in shape, with sharp uncut corners that are edgier and have a modern look compared to the traditional round shape. The ideal cut of the most beautiful princess cut diamond makes it more brilliant, fiery and sparkly. The edgy lines and angles of such diamonds give antique or contemporary style jewelry a modern look.

Did you know that this kind of diamond was designed to get maximum brilliance from a square shape?

The princess cut is also known as a square modified brilliant and has 76 facets which add to its brilliance and fire. In reality, it is a diamond manufacturer’s dream because its overall yield from rough raw stone is very high, and there is very little wastage. This cut minimizes diamond loss on the polishing wheel; therefore, in terms of per carat weight, a princess cut diamond is cheaper than a round cut diamond of the same size.

Trying to choose the right diamond with the right shape that fits your budget; it’s complicated, right?

One can’t go wrong in choosing a nice and unique diamond ring, but let’s make it easy by giving you a few tips pertaining to how to choose the perfect princess cut ring to ensure that it is beautiful and lustrous.

The four C’s are an important factor in choosing the right diamond.

Diamond Color Grading: Colorless diamonds have a grade of D, which is the highest grade on the diamond color scale. For a princess cut engagement ring, a medium to high color grading is recommended.

Cut of the Diamond: If you find that the diamond selected by you is reflecting light and shining, it means that it is properly cut. Princess cuts are cut to fit the shape of rough diamonds. Choosing a square or a rectangular princess cut diamond as the engagement ring is a matter of personal preference and style. Keep in mind the length to width ratio of the square or rectangular diamond. 1.00 to 1.05 length/width ratio is good for a square cut diamond.

Clarity of the Diamond: Flawless diamonds are very valuable and rare and have the highest clarity rating of F. Almost all diamonds have their share of flaws known as inclusions which stop the passage of light through them, thereby making them less lustrous and shiny. Therefore, diamonds with higher clarity grades are preferred for the crafting of high-quality engagement rings; do go for one!

Diamond Carat: Diamond carat refers to the weight of the diamond; the more the diamonds, the more the carat weight of any piece of jewelry. Larger diamonds are more expensive than the smaller ones. Princess cut diamonds are made of one large diamond, therefore, they are more expensive than rings with many small diamonds. According to your style and budget, you may like to choose a larger diamond or the grace and feminine beauty of a smaller stone.

Diamond Setting: Once you are done with choosing the right size of the princess cut diamond, the question that comes to the fore is that of setting it into the right band metal. This again is a matter of personal choice; the band metal could be gold, white gold, rose gold, and/ or silver. Diamonds have a long lifespan, so it is also important to choose the metal which has a long life to give it adequate support.

Done with the band metal, now for the setting! There are various kinds of settings, but the princess cut should be set in the band metal in such a way that it protects the corners of the stone, which are thin and can get chipped easily. A V-prong setting is also a good choice in protecting a diamond with this type of cut.

Care and Maintenance of a Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The ring purchased by you is a valuable investment, so proper care and maintenance is very important. Though diamonds are one of the hardest substances available, one wrong blow may make them chip. The unique square shape of a princess cut requires special care while wearing and handling the same.

These tips would surely help!

1. In order to avoid chipping the corners of your precious princess cut ring, avoid using abrasive household chemicals and engaging in heavy work while wearing the ring.

2. Always store it separately in a velvet cloth or a ring box; otherwise, it may get damaged or damage the other softer gems and metals stored in the same space.

3. Avoid using steam cleaners to clean your princess cut as they may loosen the diamond from its setting on the ring.

4. Cleaning and caring for a princess cut ensures that the shine and luster last for long. It definitely is not difficult. Just rinse the diamond ring in a gentle detergent and completely dry it with a lint-free cloth and ‘voila’, the shine will be back!

5. Every few years, professional cleaning by a jeweler is recommended to keep your ring looking as good as new.

Among all your jewelry, the princess cut is one of the most prized possessions because of the sentiments attached to it, so you definitely want it to last long. A little care and your brilliant and sparkling ring will make it last forever and ever!

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