How to Keep your Precious Gemstone Earrings and Necklaces Sparking Forever

Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone Earrings

Gemstone ingrained jewel pieces are truly special and every woman must include them in her jewelry collection. This little guide will provide you with all the tips that you need to maintain your gems and keep them looking as good as new, forever!

If you are planning to buy gemstone jewelry, then you must have done some background research already. With the right information in hand, you will be able to choose the most suitable jewelry for yourself. Most likely, you have come across terms pertaining to gemstones like natural, synthetic, and treated. To be able to make the right choice for yourself and understand why two similar looking gemstone jewelry pieces vary in price, you have to understand what goes behind your purchase of gemstone earrings and other jewelry pieces a little better.

Difference between Natural and Genuine Gemstones

Natural gemstones are those that are derived from nature and are not chemically altered in any way by human intervention. These gemstones are merely cut and polished before being set in the jewelry pieces of your choice.

Genuine gemstones are those that are treated to enhance their appeal. So, you cannot call them completely natural. Often, the lower quality gemstones undergo treatment to look more appealing when set in different jewelry pieces.

Synthetic Gemstones

Synthetic gemstones are the ones that are created in a laboratory. They have the same physical and optical qualities of natural gemstones, but differ in their chemical properties.

Value of Gemstones

Along with the type of gemstones, other factors that determine the value of gemstone jewelry are the sizes of these stones, as well as their clarity and cut. The cut of a gemstone is not just in its shape but also the surface area of the stone. The gemstones with proportionate facets are the most radiant ones. Also, higher the level of transparency of the gemstones, more is their overall value.

Things to Consider before Buying your Gemstone Jewelry

While buying gemstone jewelry, consider how often you’d like to wear the same and what kind of outfit would suit them most. You may want to buy your gemstones according to your favorite color or as per your birth month. Check online to find a myriad of options of such jewelry.

Taking Care of your Jewelry

You must remember to pay adequate attention to your gemstone earrings and necklaces. Unlike diamonds, these are prone to scratches and damages, especially if exposed to high temperature and pressure. In fact, some gemstones might get damaged easily, even if you exert a little pressure with your fingers. Do not expose your gemstone earrings to high temperatures as it might affect their properties. For example, amethyst changes its color when kept under too much heat. That is why, store them properly and clean them from time to time. Also, check the clasps and prongs of your jewelry before wearing them.

Cleaning Tips

Ideally, after every wear, take a soft cloth and clean your jewelry. This way you can keep your gemstone jewelry as good as new for a long time. If your gemstone earrings or necklace have accumulated dust, clean them with soap and water. Don’t make the mistake of cleaning the gemstones with silver cleaners. If the gemstones are set on silver base, see to it that the cleaner touches only the silver portion. Don’t be harsh on your jewelry; wash them very gently, so that the stones don’t come off. If you think that your gemstones need professional cleaning, take them to a jeweler immediately. After a professional clean up, your precious jewelry will look as good as new and that is why, it’s worth the expense.

Store your Jewelry Properly

After use, make it a point to keep your gemstone earrings back in their box. If you leave them lying here and there and in case they come in contact with perfumes or oils, they can get spoiled easily. It is better to keep different types of jewelry in different boxes. If you keep everything together, all the earrings and necklaces will get jumbled up and might get damaged easily, due to scratches. Also, when stored in separate individual boxes, it is far easier to locate the one that you want to wear at any given point of time.

Are your Gemstones Glowing Enough?

Certain gemstones need to be moisturized so that they glisten and look really good. However, don’t immerse them in water. If you do so, the minerals present in water might get trapped on the gemstones and show up in form of white patches. Also, the strings in the necklace should not remain wet. That’s why; occasionally, you can moisturize your gemstone earrings and necklaces with a damp cloth.

The Way Forward

Whether it is about taking care of your gemstone earrings and necklace, or purchasing them after having all the requisite information in place; there is certainly a lot that goes into adding more value to your collection. Most gems are suited for one occasion or the other, and have proven effects on their wearers. So, before you go ahead and invest in a piece of jewel that catches your fancy, do ensure that the gem you like is suited for you. You would not like to put in your good money on a gem that may bring years of bad luck or misfortune your way, right? So, delve a little deeper and find out more about all that goes into buying gems, their inherent characteristics, what makes them priceless, and so forth.


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