Ultimate Guide To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring is not really a big deal, especially if you know what exactly to look for when buying one. Instead of making the process of diamond engagement rings shopping a dreaded one, make it an enjoyable and a memorable affair. You will love to flaunt the same on your special day!

Ultimate Guide To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring - Dazzlingrock.com


The next most important consideration while buying your engagement ring is your budget. With the right budget in place, it will be easy for you to shop for an engagement ring.

If you are in a position to spend your two months’ salary, then you can straight away look for the expensive options. Without a fixed budget, you may be at the risk of liking a particular ring a lot, only to realize later that it has a high price tag.

It is better to check only those rings that belong to the price range that you can comfortably afford. Today, you can find a variety of diamond engagement rings having unique designs and they are pretty reasonably priced too!


Many would get carried away with the ring’s looks, and as a result, forget to consider the practicality of the ring.

If your fiancée is a complete outdoor person, then it might not be a great idea to give her something that belongs to the range of high setting engagement rings. This type of setting is perfect for a glamour woman, who would love to show-off her solitaire.

For a woman on-the-go, a compact designed, subtle ring is more appropriate as she can carry it with all her casual outwear.


First and foremost, you must make sure that you pick the correct size of the engagement ring. If you are planning a surprise for your fiancée, then sneak out one of her rings to get the idea of her correct ring size.

Don’t rely on your assumption when it comes to the ring size. With an incorrect ring size, even if you buy the most exquisite ring, it will do no good. However, if the ring you buy is small for your lady’s finger, you can take it to the jeweler, later on, to get it resized to meet her size.

But then, if you end up buying too large a ring, then you might have to get the ring changed altogether. Why go through the embarrassment on your engagement day by giving a ring that doesn’t fit your fiancée?

So, find out the exact size and accordingly, make your purchase.


If you would like to go for a solitaire rings, then you don’t need to worry much about the shape and setting of the diamond.

If solitaire rings are not what you seek, you can choose multi-stone rings or 3 stone engagement rings with a marquise or an oval-shaped diamond being the primary stone. A heart-shaped diamond looks best in a solitaire setting. If your woman has long, slender fingers, then square shaped diamonds such as a radiant cut or a princess cut is most suitable for her.

For women with large-sized hands, delicate diamond rings such as those with an emerald cut or a marquise may not be a good idea as they will look disproportionate on their fingers.

Instead, round shape diamond is better suited for such hands. Whatever shape you choose, remember to consider the shape of your fiancée’s fingers and also her lifestyle, and accordingly make your choice.


Do remember that once you have placed the order for an engagement ring in diamond, it may take up to six weeks to reach you. In case you are planning to buy a ring that is custom designed to perfection, the period of waiting may stretch a little longer.

Also, in case you wish to have something engraved on the inside of the ring, then ensure that you request the relevant inscription at the time of placing your order.


Still clueless about the best way of going about the processes related to shopping for an engagement ring. Act safe. You may like to start your jeweler hunt with recommendations from family or friends. No leads? Check out for authentic industry organization affiliation.

The stores that hold an accreditation from the Jewelers of America, or are serving members of the popular Gemological Institute of America (GIA), would definitely be secure shopping addresses to start with. More often than not, large, renowned chains prove to be very reliable and also have genuine sales that help you buy coveted pieces at lower rates.

But then, you need to be very sure of the store’s return policy. This is because you may want to keep the option of changing the stone if it fails to be the one that she would like to flaunt.

Final Words

Diamonds are the hardest materials and that is why they are perfect for a solitaire setting. True that diamonds are precious, but the primary reason why they are a popular choice for an engagement ring is that even with daily wear, diamonds don’t lose their polish or get scratched easily.

So, after you have decided that you want to buy an engagement ring and not any other type, it’s important that you do some research about diamonds beforehand.

This will help you make more informed buying decisions. See to it that you are buying a genuine one, which will sparkle on your lady love’s finger forever!

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