How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring For Your Loved Ones

How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring -

An engagement ring signifies that you are ready for a long-term commitment. So, why not make it special, with the perfect diamond engagement rings. A perfect ring, for that perfect someone.

Getting engaged is a new feeling and buying a diamond ring to seal your relationship is a new experience, an overwhelming one. You definitely don’t want anything to go wrong in it. You want it to be one of the most memorable moments of your life and desperately want her to fall in love with her engagement ring.

This certainly is going to be one of the most expensive purchases that you will probably make in your lifetime therefore, it is important to plan well in advance and understand the whole process.

Let us help you choose the right ring that will make your loved one as well as your wallet, happy.

“Can’t take my eyes off it!” That’s what you want to hear when you put that diamond ring on her finger, right? To see the sparkle in her eyes, you need to understand the sparkle of the diamond and we will help you do that.


If you have decided on a diamond ring for your engagement, you need to start planning your purchase well in advance and start saving for it.


You need to understand her taste in jewelry, what are her choices? Contemporary or antique? Delicate jewelry or chunky pieces? White gold or yellow gold? If you do your homework well in advance, then you will not have a problem in choosing the diamond engagement ring of the right size, color, and setting.


If you are planning to surprise her with the ring on a special day, then it is important to know her ring size in advance. You definitely don’t want to send the ring back to the jeweler for re-sizing after the big moment.


Online stores and reputed jewelers have endless design choices you can choose from, for the special occasion. Be alert and keep in mind her preferences, something that she has appreciated in a jewelry shop. Do you know her favorite cutting style? There are different cuts that you can choose from:


It is the most popular diamond shape and is superior to any of the fancy shapes available in the market. This cut maximizes the brilliance and fire of the diamond.


A princess cut diamond is a square or a rectangular. It modified brilliant, with sharp uncut corners that are edgier and have a more contemporary look compared to the round brilliance. The princess cut diamond designs to get maximum brilliance from a square shape.


The Emerald cut is one of the first cuts used in jewelry designs. Its broad flat plain highlights the clarity and natural crystalline growth of a diamond.


This rare and symbolic cut is for the ever so romantic and is the ideal way to wear your heart on your finger. The quality of the curved cut and its finish determine the sparkle of the diamond.


This cut maximizes the carat weight of the diamond, making it appear larger than other stones of the same size. The Marquise cut makes the fingers of the wearer appear long and slender.

There are many more shapes of diamonds that are popular like the opal, pear, oval, Asscher, cushion, radiant, and trillion amongst others.

Once you choose the right cut and shape of the diamond that fits your budget, the color grading, cut of the diamond, clarity, and the carat weight are the important four C’s that must keep in mind to ensure that the diamond is beautiful and lustrous.


Once you are done choosing the shape and size of the diamond, the next step is choosing the metal for your engagement ring. “Only a diamond can cut a diamond”, which means that diamonds are durable, therefore, you need to choose a band material that lasts long to give your coveted diamond ring adequate support for a long time.

The question is, should you consider a white band or a yellow one? According to the choice of your loved one, go ahead and choose the tone and the material; then, see her eyes glow under the warmth of your love and the sparkle of the diamond ring on her finger.


You have chosen the diamond and also the band material. Well, this is only 50% of the work done. Now for the most important step, how to set it? Diamonds are forever; therefore you need a setting that’s going to last long, very long. If the diamond is set right then it brings out the everlasting beauty of it, and your loved one will want to flaunt it around to her family and friends. Let us help familiarize you with some basic settings.


Prong settings are common settings for diamond engagement rings; these prongs act like small claws and hold the diamond in place. Here, the diamonds are above the metal, allowing them to disperse light without much hindrance from the metal around. When light disperses easily, the diamond shines beautifully.


The halo setting can create an illusion of a bigger diamond. This setting secures the center stone of the ring underneath a rim. This can be surrounded by the allure of multiple diamonds, making the center diamond appear larger.


Invisible set diamonds are set from underneath the metal channels in such a way that it gives an illusion that nothing is holding them together, therefore, creating a “big diamond” look.

There are other setting options that you can choose from, like the channel setting, pave and micro-pave setting and the bezel setting. Select the setting that will enhance the beauty of the diamond chosen by you.


Find a good jeweler who will ensure that your engagement ring buying process is a pleasant and stress-free experience. Insist on the certification proof for the diamond ring purchased by you, so that you know that what you are investing in is authentic and genuine.

Pop the question and slide the diamond engagement ring on her finger, you are definitely going to see a once in a lifetime reaction!

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