Black Diamond Rings Exude Mysteriousness and Enigma

Black diamond – sounds oxymoron, doesn’t it? Yes, a bit. DazzlingRock is your rich resource of getting jewelry studded with black diamonds. Black diamond rings are one of the most popular items in our collection.

Black Diamond

As the name suggests, these diamonds are different from usual shiny and sparkling diamonds that we happen to see around. But, most fascinating thing about these diamonds is that they possess their own mysterious origins and unique composition. The opaque darkness which makes these diamonds stand out is because it absorbs iron and iron oxides into it. This then forms a different type of carbon than other diamonds. This unique feature gives these diamonds very enigmatic aura.

black diamond rings

Popular black diamonds

Korloff Noir is a famous black diamond. Once upon a time, it was a part of Russian family treasure, which now belongs to Parisian jeweler Daniel Paillasseur. It is believed that this 88 carat diamond brings good luck to anyone who touches it.

If something is a carrier of good luck, same or the member of the same group can be the carrier of bad luck as well. For example, Black Orlov which is also called the Eye of Brahma. This particular diamond is cursed as it is believed that it was stolen from a Hindu shrine and its owners two Russian princesses and an American jeweler committed suicide.

2.05 Carat (ctw) 10k White Gold Round Black & White Diamond Ladies Right Hand Fashion Band

Another popular diamond is the Black Star of Africa. This diamond got lost in 1971 during an exhibition in Tokyo. The Gruosi diamond is the world’s largest heart-shaped diamond which is set in a necklace with many smaller precious gems.

Features and Fashion

Though enigma incarnate, black diamonds are available in deep, dark black to shades of charcoal to lighter smokier grays. Though, these diamonds are the hardest substance on the Earth, they are more porous compared to other types of diamonds

It is this mysteriousness that is responsible for making people swoon after it. Men prefer black diamond rings for their lady love because it gives them an edge to other sparkling and shining diamonds. These diamonds are usually worn in titanium rings when worn by men. When worn in this way, the contrast between the light metal and the dark deep black stone increases. This then heightens the intensity of the diamond’s color. When we get orders for black diamond rings for women, very often rings feature a black diamond which is encircled by white diamonds.

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