Right hand diamond rings – the latest jewelry trend

The fashion and trend changes every now and then and it is true for the accessories too. In the jewelry market the latest trend is the right hand diamond rings. This has the highest sales figures in the market and very popular among the working women of new millennium. This symbolizes strength, freedom and self dependency.

diamond right hand rings

Diamond engagement rings and wedding rings are the most desired shopping object but the new introduced ones are the right hand diamond rings. These are very similar to the engagement rings or wedding rings but placed in the right hand and its a symbol of freedom and not of commitment. These are also known for its uniqueness of design. The design is the most prominent part and it makes it different from the matrimonial rings. These are made with the more open spaces in designs and less or smaller diamonds while the matrimonial rings use more solitaire diamonds.

The decency and elegance reflects the personality of the wearer and the uniqueness of the individuality. Right hand rings are earlier also wore by the women before it become like a selling boom in the market but the left hand rings became an obsession. In contrary right hand rings being  re introduced as the symbol of freedom and self dependency.

One follows the another and one door opens the thousand more doors that is what happened exactly with the right hand diamond rings. After the hit of the left hand diamond rings the seller and merchants knew about the potentiality of the diamond market and they introduced the right hand diamond rings.

best diamond right hand rings

If matrimonial diamond rings have large market then for the remaining ones are the potential customers for the right hand diamond rings. That opened up a scope of a new jewelry item and also a new trend in the market and gained huge commercial success.

The idea came from the feminist thinking and to support the new wave of woman freedom and feminism. It gives more liberty to woman to wear a diamond ring and she does not need to depend on the marital status.

Diamond Right hand rings are also in use by the gay couples to show their commitment to each other. With this it has captured a newer market segment also.

Right hand diamond ring shows the cheerful, joyful side of woman hood and any woman can wear that to show her individual identity.

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