7 Style Tips for Mixing Silver & Gold Jewelry Together

When you hear about mixing silver and gold jewelry together, do you instantly think, “I cannot do that”? Then no worries, this post is for you!

Earlier in the past, wearing silver and gold jewelry was considered a fashion faux pas, but this is not the case anymore. Mixing metals with your jewelry is a great way to help to make your jewelry stand out from the crowd. It’s just that you do it thoughtfully.

Also if it does go out of style then no need to worry about anything until and unless you are happy with it. The fashion rules are flexible and change from time to time. You like your look, it is unique to you and jewelry is the most gorgeous way of expressing your style. There is no denying the fact that accessorizing yourself with jewelry is effectively about using your aesthetics and creative mind to make your own unique style. The only key is to be careful about some jewelry etiquettes and do’s and don’ts to avoid any fashion blunder. 

Today we will discuss some style tips to mix silver jewelry and gold jewelry to make sure that you step out of your house with confidence. 

Tips for mixing silver and gold jewelry

Following are 7 style tips for mixing silver and gold jewelry together:

1. Choose one focal point: This is the first styling tip on how to style silver and gold jewelry together. You must pick a focal point that grabs attention so you can accessorize from it. It can be anything from a unique diamond ring to a heavy neckpiece, a chunky bracelet to a big dial watch whichever looks astonishing and catches attention. The other jewelry pieces must complement the centerpiece. You can wear sterling bracelets that have a neutral tone and can be paired with a gold watch. 

2. Layer, layer & layer: Another styling tip for mixing silver and gold jewelry is to just keep layering your jewelry according to their length, size and thickness. If you are wearing necklaces then you can layer long necklaces with shorter ones. When wearing heavy bracelets you can layer them with your thinner or simple-looking bracelets. Also, you can wear your gold and silver bracelet with your big dial watches and morganite diamond ring. Just remember that you do not overdo it. Do not wear too many jewelry pieces. 

3. Consider your ensemble and occasion: When you are styling your jewelry, you should always take care of your outfit and occasion because it is very important when you are layering various pieces of jewelry. It’s pretty good to go overboard by layering various pieces. You should be careful otherwise you may end up overdressed for the occasion. Avoid wearing too much jewelry with busy prints and patterns. If you are getting ready for an official meeting then you should go for minimal jewelry. Also for daytime items, you should not wear too many flashy pieces. So to get your gold and silver jewelry right, just make sure that your jewelry carries the same vibe and aesthetic as your ensemble.

4. Examine the main jewelry areas: You must consider the main jewelry areas where the jewelry is typically worn like the neck, ears, hands, wrists, or fingers. When you are styling your silver and gold jewelry together, it is advisable to not accessorize all of your main body part areas. But instead, you should consider the placements of your pieces. Like if you are going to wear your silver and gold earrings then make sure that they must be of a similar theme or size because it will create a chic look.

5. Consider your skin tone: Gold jewelry looks good on people that have a warm skin tone while silver jewelry looks great on people that have a cool skin tone. Now you must be wondering why this information is important when you are looking to wear your gold and silver jewelry together. So it is important to choose a predominant jewelry piece in the metal that suits your skin tone which will further enhance your overall look and beauty. For better results, you must wear your predominant jewelry piece near your face, ears, or neck.

6. Maintain the right balance: To ensure that your silver and gold jewelry does not look tacky, just make sure to not go heavy with one metal. So make sure to maintain a balance between your silver and gold jewelry for a cohesive look. For example, if you are going to wear your silver necklace with all of your gold jewelry pieces, it is advisable to mix and match each metal evenly in your overall look. 

7. Unleash your thoughtfulness: Do not hesitate to do different types of experiments with your jewelry for the reason that will go against the so-called fashion rule. There’s a saying that rules are only meant to break. So unleash your thoughts of creativity while styling your gold and silver jewelry together. Be brave, and bold, do experiments and take the risk. In this way, you will end up creating a new style and new fashion trend. This will also help to discover your personal style. You may not know what will look good on you until you try out and wear out them in different ways. Just make sure after you get ready look yourself in the mirror 

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