Eternity Rings vs Three Stones: What’s the Difference?

The most popular jewelry debate: Eternity rings vs three stone diamond rings. Three-stone diamond rings are also known as trinity rings. Eternity rings and trinity rings. They might sound the same, but they are quite different in design. Even though the purpose of both of them is the same i.e to express undying love. So if you learn the difference between both of them you may find that one design for you that will be the perfect fit for your personality. 

In this article, we will share all that you need to know about eternity rings and three stone rings. Let’s get started!

Eternity rings Vs Three stone rings: What’s the difference?

There are various varieties of rings available in the jewelry market but the luster of the eternity diamond ring and three stone rings are unmatched. Many people get confused about their purchases due to their charm and detailing features. So below we will be explaining each of them. 

What is called an eternity ring?

You must know eternity is known as never-ending. So an eternity ring is a ring that has a complete loop of diamonds and gemstones all over the ring. A circle in general represents eternity. Diamond or gemstones illustrate love. Therefore with the endless circle of diamonds, an eternity ring is known for everlasting love. 

What are the types of eternity rings?

There are 3 types of eternity diamond rings according to the number of diamonds and their settings:

1. Full eternity diamond ring: It has diamonds going all the way around the ring also the underside of the ring makes it fully exquisite to look at. Hence they provide the maximum shine. 

2. Three-fourth eternity diamond ring: In this type of ring the diamonds are studded on the 3/4th portion of the surface. The rest of the portion is left blank. 

3. Half eternity diamond ring: Diamonds are covered over half of the portion of the ring and the other side remains unadulterated. Because of lesser diamonds, this type of ring is pretty budget-friendly. 

How to choose metals for eternity diamond rings?

Every jewelry that you see is made up of a suitable metal that increases its value and sheen. However, eternity diamond rings are exclusive that even if it has the dullest metal they will stand apart no matter what. 

You can prefer platinum and shades of gold to make your eternity ring. The metal in gold, white and yellow gold will complement your diamond and it will become an enchanting piece for you. 

What is a three-stone diamond ring?

Three-stone diamond rings can be easily recognized by the number of diamonds encrusted on them. So a three-stone diamond ring as the name suggests has 3 diamonds on the ring’s crown. It is also called a trinity or trio ring. 

More than merely alluring, three stone diamond rings are rich that represent symbolism and personal significance. So if you are searching for a ring that has a deeper meaning, then this ring should be at your top list. Traditionally the ring signifies the past, present, and future of a relationship. Alternately the ring is also interpreted to stand for commitment, friendship, true love, and even take on religious significance. 

What are the types of three-stone diamond rings?

Ideally, the three-stone diamond ring has three stones, and these three stone features a three-prong setting. Because of this, you have various options to choose from. You can try out the following:

  • Cushion set diamonds
  • Round brilliant diamonds
  • Princess cut diamond 
  • Bezel setting

Also, you can choose from the following stone shapes: 

  • Heart
  • Emerald 
  • Oval
  • Marquise

Three stone diamond ring is classified into 3 types depending on the size of the diamonds.

1. Classic type: Classic type three stone diamond ring has a big diamond at the center and the other two on the sides are a bit smaller.

2. Two graduating types: In this type of three-stone diamond ring all the diamonds are of different sizes. The stone setting is in a graduating manner. 

3. Twin diamond: In this type of ring all the three diamonds are of the same size, same color, and carat. 

How to choose metal for three stone diamond rings?

Most people prefer shades of gold for their three-stone diamond ring. You should go for a single-color metal and should avoid multiple colors for three stone rings as it will diminish the diamond sparkle and brilliance. 

Take a note: when you are considering rose gold or yellow gold, you will find a huge difference in the durability of 14k and 18k. But this is not the case with white gold. There is a very small difference in their strength as they are dipped in rhodium.

Whatever design you select, one thing is very clear: three stone diamond rings make a perfect piece of jewelry and make an exceptional wedding or engagement ring.


Both eternity and three stone rings have specific significance and they symbolize love better than words. So what are you waiting for? Invest in a design and make it a piece that is very special to you and your partner. 

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