Gold and Silver for Skin Care: Fact or Fiction?

For most people, the search for smooth, healthy youthful skin is a never-ending pursuit. For centuries, people have tried all sorts of products in a bid to maintain youthful skin and resist the effects of age. It is no wonder the cosmetic industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. Today, gold and silver are the in-thing in cosmetics with major brands incorporating these metals in their best line of cosmetics. The use of these metals in skincare is not new and borrows from practices of ancient civilizations. With better technology today, it is possible to leverage the best qualities of gold and silver for skincare. Most people think of gemstone earringsfor good luck when talking about these precious metals but their ability to provide plumper, fresher and glowing skin is hard to ignore. There is a lot of debate about the place of these precious metals in the cosmetic industry. As a consumer, you need to get all the facts. This article delves into the functions of gold and silver in cosmetic products and their impact on skincare.

How Silver Can Help Your Skin

Silver is a beautiful metal used to make jewelry and a variety of other things. It was among the first metals man used. With time, its healing nature became a major reason for its popularity. As far back as 3100 B.C, the ancient Egyptians had learned to harness the potency of silver for health. For many years, its uses included dressing wounds and promoting the healing of wounds, to staving off infections, and keeping water and food pure.

Today, cosmetic companies harness the healing qualities of pure silver to create natural skin care products. Some of the uses of silver that make it ideal in cosmetic products include:

1) Antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties: These make silver the perfect treatment for acne and many other skin problems.

2)Healing effects: Small silver particles suspended in water (colloidal silver) trigger healing effects in tissue. This is great news for those looking for anti-aging skin products. Silver-based products also help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and skin rejuvenation.

3)Anti-inflammatory properties: Helps to combat acne and blemish infections and calm inflammation. Silver-based skin care products also balance the skin’s micro-flora and treat atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Lotions and creams that contain silver nanoparticles have a great effect on your skin. A lot of research has gone into the benefits of silver in cosmetic products to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of these products.

Use of Gold in Cosmetic Products

Gold like silver is one of the most common metals in jewelry manufacture. It is an elegant and luxurious metal associated with wealth. However, more people today use gold for its benefits of healing properties. Since the early ages, one of gold’s main uses was in skin care, and today, gold-based skin care products such as face serums, creams, oils, and cleansers are very popular.

Some of the benefits of using gold in cosmetic products include:

1) Anti-inflammatory properties: Gold nanoparticles in skin products help reduce skin inflammation, which in turn slows premature aging and wrinkling. It also helps to deal with acne and hyperpigmentation.

2) Transport oxygen molecules: Gold helps transport oxygen molecules into the skin, which promotes cell renewal and the treatment of ulcers, acne, blisters, and other skin problems.

3) Elasticity and hydration: Gold increases skin’s elasticity by activating basal cells. This leads to clear skin free from wrinkles and ugly spots, which is every woman’s ultimate desire.

4) Aiding with penetration: Gold helps other ingredients work better and promote better skin health.

5) Stimulating cells and nerves: Ions present in gold help in stimulating the cells, nerves, and veins. This leads to improved blood circulation thus nourishing the skin and making it look young.

6) Skin moisturizing: Gold moisturizes dry skin to help reduce signs of premature aging. Cleopatra was reputed to wear a gold facemask every night leading to her beautiful complexion. Well, you can do the same and brighten your skin to make it youthful, glowing, and beautiful.

7) Skin rejuvenation: By slowing down the depletion of collagen, gold-based products keep skin flexible and smooth. Gold also increases metabolic rate, reducing premature aging of the skin.

8) Skin protection: Beauty products containing gold reduce the production of melanin/black pigment after exposure to the sun. Melanin causes tanning due to exposure to the sun. You can prevent this by using skin care products that contain gold.

9) Detoxification: Some gold-based products help with detoxification, helping to keep the skin healthy and smooth.

10) Treatment of Allergies: Gold contains antioxidant properties and helps increase blood circulation. This, in turn, reduces acne and other skin allergies.

Skin care products containing gold harness these powerful qualities to improve your skin. From the anti-inflammatory qualities to the reduction of melanin production, gold plays a big role in making your skin glow. The use of gold in skin care products harnesses the impressive qualities of gold that were known in the ancient ages and rediscovered through modern research. The next time you think about silver and gold, you should think beyond those beautiful gemstone earrings. These precious metals can help rejuvenate your skin and prevent premature aging. The ancient civilizations had already discovered these amazing qualities of gold and silver. Today, modern research proves that these precious metals can offer more than the beauty derived from wearing jewelry. If you always craved beautiful, glowing, youthful skin, it is time to try cosmetic gold and silver. The results will dazzle you

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