5 Gift Rules to Buy a Valentine Day Promise Ring for Your Loved One

Valentine’s is getting closer and you are not the only person if the idea of gifting your loved one is not ringing your bell. There are many options available but we want our gift to be special and have an emotional connection with your loved one. Don’t fret! This Valentine shops differently and gives a diamond promise ring for your girlfriend. No Wishlist is required to find a memorable gift, you just need some inspiration.

Confused? Do not worry, we are here to help you skip out on all that stress, we are here with this comprehensive guide of 5 gift rules to buy valentine’s day promise rings for your loved one. Without wasting time, come let’s dive!

What does a promise ring mean?

A promise ring is a token of love, passion, loyalty, and a commitment that you make in a relationship. It could hold the word of honor that you will always be truthful and faithful to each other. Also, it depends on couple to couple what promise rings mean for them. A promise ring could mean:

That your commitment to each is developing and you want to show your loved one how important you are to them.

That both of you have unconditional love for each other but feel it’s too early to get engaged.

That you are in a long-distance relationship and want to show your loved one that you are fully committed to each other.

It can have special meaning for you and your loved one from fulfilling achievements in your relationship to showing each other how you care for them.

Which finger is best suited for a promise ring?

The promise ring can be worn on any of the fingers. There is not any specific finger or hand, instead, it’s best to wear it on a ring that is most comfortable and convenient for you. However, usually, people do not prefer to wear it on the traditional ring finger so that no confusion is created.

Rule to follow when giving a promise ring

There are a few important rules to check if you plan to give a promise ring for your loved one in a memorable way:

Choose to celebrate on a special occasion: You must plan to give your promise ring on a special occasion like Valentine’s, birthdays or on your anniversary. To wow her and want to make her smile, you can pack your ring in a beautiful box. And don’t forget to tell the meaning of the ring so that it should not get confused with an Engagement ring.

Choose the best place for your special event: Consider choosing the best place for your special event that is close to both of your hearts. This will bring a blissful day to take out the ring box. Think of your favorite places, it can be a place where you both have first met or a place where you first kissed, or have gone for a walk and then can finally decide the location for your special event. By doing this, it will make a special memory for both of you as this will be linked to an important place in your life.

Plan a breakfast in bed with a surprise promise ring: You can pamper your girlfriend if she loves sleeping in, with a tray of breakfast, red roses, and your promise ring. This idea is to amaze her with the ring which she cherishes for her whole life. You can plan to keep the ring on a small plate and cover it up. When she sees it, you will definitely notice her smiling face.

Trick her with unusual packing: If you want to create a happening moment that she just won’t be expecting then you can plan to give your promise ring in an unusual packing. This sounds funny but it is the most creative way of presenting a ring to her. Instead of giving the ring in a ring box, you can give it in a matchbox. You can go for another option also by keeping her in suspense for long. You can plan to hide the ring in a small box and then place that box in a bigger box and then in another big box. You can try this for 5 – 6 boxes in the order of size from big to small. It will be fun.

Keep it casual: You can keep it simple by going together to buy the ring of her choice. This is the most sensible and romantic way to go. You can both sit together and discuss your commitment and make sure that you both are on the same wheel after which you can go together to buy the ring of your choice. This will also ensure that you will not choose the wrong size of the ring and will avoid any confusion. There are lots of people who consider this casual and practical approach.

Use chocolates as they are a girl’s favorite: This is another unique, romantic, and reactive way of giving a promise ring to your girlfriend. Besides this method is a romantic one, also it comes with sweetness. You can buy a box of chocolates from her favorite confectionery or from one of the best confectionery stores in your city. In one of the sections, you can replace the chocolate with the promise ring. She will definitely be amazed when she finds a chocolate box and her heart will melt immediately when she will find a ring inside the box.


While giving a promise ring is not highly celebrated, it still marks a major milestone in everyone’s life. The fact that you both are prepared to take a pledge of your love, devotion, and commitment towards each other is worthy of a special memory. So putting a little effort into making the event unforgettable is well worth it.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Ho, ho ho ho!

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