Storage Tips For Your Gold and Silver Jewelry Accessories

If you love wearing jewelry, it is likely that you have many beautiful gold and silver pieces in your collection. There is no arguing that gold jewelry oozes timeless beauty and elegance, and it is no wonder that it is the most popular metal used to make jewelry. Silver is an affordable jewelry option that is also brilliant and durable making it a great choice for different items including rings, necklaces and bracelets. Buying gold and silver jewelry items can be a huge investment and like with any other valuable, you need to pay attention to their proper storage after purchase. This article highlights why it is important to store gold and silver jewelry separately. Keep reading to find out more.

  • Separate Jewelry Boxes

Most jewelry owners have one large jewelry box where they store all their jewelry items. Although it is true that this is a convenient way to store your valuable jewelry accessories, it can pose a great risk to the life of your gold and silver pieces. These are delicate and expensive items and you have to consider their safety while storing them. Storing jewelry made of different materials inside the same box can lead to physical damage that includes dents and scratches. The most important thing to remember when choosing a storage option for your gold and silver pieces is that they should not mix.

  • Security Purposes

Security is a major consideration when storing your jewelry. You do not want to store all your valuables in one box in case of theft or other such happens. Gold and silver jewelry accessories are not only magnificent but also costly to purchase. If you store them in the same jewelry box, there is a great risk of losing them all in case of theft. It is advisable to choose separate storage boxes for your expensive jewelry pieces like bracelets, earrings, black diamond rings etc.When choosing a jewelry box, do not choose a gaudy one that attracts attention to the stored items. Instead, store your silver and gold items in understated boxes that will not attract much attention in case of a break-in at home.

  • Easier Dressing Choice

When you store your jewelry in separate boxes, it is easy to wear them systematically without much hassle. Gold and silver jewelry look amazing. When these items are in the same box, it is tough to choose what to wear. You may also end up wasting time when dressing. To avoid this, you need have separate storage boxes for each of these beautiful pieces. When you have separate storage boxes for gold and silver items, it is easy to pick pieces that complement each other from the different boxes. Ultimately, you will end up looking fabulous and you will not waste a lot of time dressing up every morning.

  • Different Qualities

Gold and silver have unique qualities and it is important to consider this when choosing a storage option. For instance, silver can tarnish on exposure to water but gold items have no such problems. To provide the best care for your jewelry, you need to choose separate boxes, each with features that suit the specific material. For instance, you might choose airtight zip-lock bags for your silver pieces and a soft padded jewelry box for your gold pieces. Your jeweler can advise you about the best method to store different jewelry to ensure that these precious items have a long life.

  • You Wear Silver More Regularly

One of the most important reasons to store your jewelry separately is the fact that you might need to wear silver pieces more often than gold ones. Gold is a very expensive material and most people only wear gold accessories for special occasions. Due to their value, these precious items should go into a safe box. With gold jewelry safely locked away, you enjoy peace of mind knowing that a burglar cannot reach your valuable items. For the more affordable silver jewelry, you do not need to tuck them away because you may need them every other day. Silver is a versatile material and it used to make jewelry that you can wear every day and with any outfit. If you have no idea what jewelry to rock, you can never go wrong with silver items.

  • Easier Care And Protection

When you store all your jewelry accessories together, it is not easy to inspect each piece and detect any problem. You will also find it hard to clean your jewelry. This could lead to quick deterioration. Separating your gold and silver jewelry is a smart move if you want to care for these pieces. You can inspect each piece and compare its luster and appearance and other items made of a similar metal. When items made of different metals are stored in the same jewelry box, it is easy to miss problems with your jewelry. It is true you love your gold and silver pieces because they work well together and can accentuate any look. However, when it comes to storage, you are better off storing them separately. This not only protects your valuable jewelry but also reduces the risk of losing it all in case of theft. It is also easier to care for your jewelry properly than when you mix them. If you want to get the best out of your silver and gold accessories, you should invest in the best soft-padded jewelry boxes and store these valuable pieces separately.

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