A Symbol of Everlasting Love – Sterling Silver Diamond Cocktail Ring

You can give someone you care about various rings, and they can all have different meanings. But it’s all a symbol of care and affection – to some extent, it can even show friendship. You only need to pick the right time to share the ring with them.

When you pick the timing right, you can get to present the right ring to the one your care about quickly. Below, you will find some of the different rings that you can give for different stages of your relationships, and this includes the symbol of everlasting love.

And also, you can find some of the rings that you can present during these different times.

Promise Ring

The first ring you can present to your loved one is a promise ring. Not many people offer this ring often to this day. Several people jump straight to the engagement rings in most cases. A promise ring is presented to a partner when you are in a serious relationship.

This isn’t an engagement ring, though, and you still have to give the engagement ring when the time is right. A promise ring is when you’re serious about the relationship, but you’ve yet to be ready. It shows that you want to be married at some point in the future.

The way you present this ring should be in a simple setting. It doesn’t consist of any drop of the knee and such clamor. You don’t need to give a sterling silver diamond ring when it’s a promise ring as you would for an engagement ring.

You can still ensure that the ring crafting is a precious metal, but you shouldn’t exaggerate it. If you have the budget, you can go for a diamond ring, but don’t go as far as a diamond cocktail ring.

You can wear this ring until an engagement ring replaces it. You can’t wear a promise ring forever as you would an engagement ring.

Engagement Rings

There’s no better and much hyped-up ring than an engagement ring. This is the ring that probably carries more promise than most of the other rings. When you slip this ring onto the lady’s finger, it is a commitment sign – for both partners.

Look into the history, and you will find that the engagement ring was a formal commitment of marriage in the future. This was quite a significant move as it meant families are united based on that promise. The times when there was the bestowal of women, it was pretty substantial.

Today, the idea of an engagement ring seeks to show romance more than anything else. It would be best if you went all out to an engagement ring, as this is the most expensive ring to get. A sterling silver diamond ring should be able to do the trick in this case.

You can even go higher and opt for a diamond cocktail ring. It has to carry the significance of the day. When presenting the ring, you need to go all out with the bended knee and bouquet– and so on. It usually is used as a show to announce you’re ready for marriage.

When going to get an engagement ring, you need to have a budget and accept that it will be higher than all the rings here.

Wedding Rings

If it’s simplicity in style and structure, then wedding rings have to carry the most significant burden. In most cases, this is the ring that couples don’t seek to spend much on. It usually is just a symbol, and there’s no need to be flashy about it.

But that still doesn’t take away some people’s need to show off. You can still opt for the silver rings for your wedding bands, but you need to keep them within the budget. You can have simple math and settle on having the bands not be more than 3% of the wedding budget.

When choosing the right ring, you need to choose one that complements the engagement ring. More women choose to wear their engagement rings daily; they need a wedding ring that blends.

The ideal ring in this scenario is a plain ring that can be the same metal as the one on the engagement ring. That’ll make it easy to blend and also style it up while wearing it with the engagement ring daily.

Commemoration Rings

You can also gift your loved one a ring to commemorate your love or wedding anniversary. This has got to be one of the special times that you can give a different ring to your partner. And this may be the right time to offer a diamond cocktail ring.

This is the ring that you give, a symbol of everlasting love. The ideal ring for this occasion is the sterling silver diamond cocktail ring. No other ring speaks volumes when it comes to showing eternal love than this ring.

Most people often go for the simplest of the rings in the market, but there’s no need to settle. This specific ring also doesn’t shout, making it an ideal one. As long as it carries the meaning and you personalize it to the recipient, it should be good.

It would be best to have a cocktail ring for the anniversary ring as these rings aren’t for everyday use. Going for the larger diamond cocktail ring is a smart move. This is a ring that’s only for special occasions alone – or when there’s a moment for reflection.

The other occasion that to present this ring is when you renew vows or even after childbirth. You can also submit it when you hit significant milestones with your significant other.


You can gift different rings for different occasions – depending on various couples. These are some of the top events where you can present a ring to your loved one. The type of ring should also come into account depending on the occasion. You need to look above to find the best time to offer a sterling silver diamond cocktail ring as a symbol of everlasting love.

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