Protocols to Wear Jewelry the Classy Way

Jewelry plays a pivotal role in complementing your overall attire. The wrong jewelry can also ruin your look to a great extent. Wearing too little of jewelry can make you look too simple, plain or underdressed too. Whereas, wearing too many jewelry pieces can draw unwanted attention and completely affect your entire look. So, you need to keep in mind about certain jewelry etiquettes while you are wearing jewelry as a part of daily wear or any occasion. To keep it classy and elegant, some of the most important etiquette are as follows-

Layer your jewelry wisely

One of the most important protocol to wear jewelry the right way is to layer your jewelry cautiously. The fun of jewelry is you can mix and match the way you like. But it is very important to keep the balance and the elegance while you mixing your jewelry pieces. Mix short and long necklaces together and keep in mind about the neckline while you do so. Also, pair up chunky bracelets with thin ones to create a balanced beautiful look.

Go for one statement piece

It is very important to opt for one statement piece and keep rest of the jewelry pieces subdued. If you are planning to wear a heavy necklace, try to go for no earrings or for very simple pair of studs. Also, if you are planning to wear statement earrings for an evening party, try not to wear any necklace. Instead you can pair up the earrings with nice sleek designed bracelets. Also, to match the statement earring, you can go for a bold two or three stone diamond rings to complete your look.

Accessorise based on the occasion

It is very important to accessorise based on the occasion that you are going for. Try to wear minimal jewelry as a part of everyday wear. Avoid gaudy pieces when it comes to office wear. Keep it minimal with a sleek bracelet, pair of diamond studs or diamond chain as a part of formal wear. Diamonds are usually considered as a night time piece, but it also depends on the piece and size you are choosing. You need to ask yourself where you are going, the event you are attending and the dress code before you pick up jewelry pieces.

If it is a formal event, pull out your pearls, diamonds and other precious stones that are appropriate for the occasion. Try not to overwhelm your appearance with a lot of jewelry. If you are aiming to go for an oversized piece, do not do this for more than one piece. You can wear one statement piece and keep the rest of your jewelry minimal. If you are wearing a set, try not to go too matchy with it.

For office environment, it is always better to go for a pair of studs that will perfectly match your outfit. If your office is bit more creative and lesser on the conservative side, it is better to go for small hoops or diamond studs. Larger earrings are acceptable at some places, but avoid ones that are too flashy or makes noise. Also, do not wear stacked bracelets with danglers that make sounds, it can annoy the person sitting next to you.

For parties, try to go for one gorgeous piece and avoid too many of it, so that your personality is not overshadowed by the jewelry pieces. If you enjoy the clanging bangles and the bling, then this is the time to go for all these pieces.

Mix metals the right way

It is very important to mix metals the right way while you are picking jewelry pieces for an event. Mixing metals is a good way to elevate your look as it helps you get a contemporary stylish look that you have been yearning for. You can pair up platinum with diamond, white gold with platinum, but try not to mix up yellow and white gold together. Do not wear a silver bracelet with a gold necklace as it can spoil your entire look.

Match jewelry pieces wisely

Try to wear matching jewelry sets in the evening. Matching jewelry sets look beautiful if you can match it the right way. If you are not able to match it the right way , try to keep it simple and not overdo it. You can match your earrings to your ring but matching a heavy necklace with a heavy pair of earrings is a strict no-no! You need to choose pieces that coordinate each other and give you a coherent look. Try to go for same metal and stones when you are trying match a jewelry set.

Take care of your nails

A bold ring always offers the required boost to your outfit. If you are wearing a bold one or three stones diamond rings on your finger, it is evident that people will also notice your nails. So, you need to create a balanced look and also make sure that your nails are clean and polished. A manicure every now and then will help you keep your nails appropriate. If you decided to go for color on your nails, always select simple muted tones that perfectly complement the color of your ring.

These are some of the most important etiquette that you need to follow while you are getting decked up for an occasion. The right pieces of jewelry will always accentuate your look and complement your personality well. Also, remember to go for authentic jewelry pieces that have the hallmark on it.

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