Common Jewelry Faux Pas to Avoid

Jewelry is an integral part of every woman’s attire. Be it contemporary or traditional form, women love to experiment and try out new look every now and then. An array of materials and designs makes it for women to pick up their favorite piece with a lot of ease. It is very important to consider that fact that a single jewelry piece can make a statement of your fashion.

The right piece of jewelry can bring out your elegance and compliment your look perfectly. But most of the times, it is very difficult to find the right jewelry piece for an occasion and as a result women end up ruining their overall look. Some of the common jewelry faux pas to avoid are as follows-

Size does matter a lot!

Often women have the wrong perception that oversized earrings or rings can create a statement fashion. Size is never a jewelry concept. It is never a part of trend to wear an huge piece that attracts unnecessary attention. If a ring is too big for your finger, then probably it is not for you. Also, never wear statement rings on your pinkie finger or on your thumb.

Messing with the neckline

Wearing necklaces of right length based on your neckline is something you always need to consider. This is one of the most common faux pas that women tend to make. The right neckpiece can always enhance your look for the day. Also, there are certain neckpieces that can highlight unique features or draw attention toward your face.

Strapless and sweetheart dresses show off your neck, shoulders and chest, so you need to go for a necklace that falls just below the collarbone. If you are wearing a dress having a high neck, you can always elongate and balance the torso with a longer neckpiece.

Wearing jewelry without polish

Many a times women forget to polish and maintain their jewelry items at regular intervals. The polish is very much important to maintain your precious jewelry items in the long run. Wearing jewelry without polishing is a strict no-no! Many women continue doing it without realizing how odd it might look. Like everything else, metal too is subjected to wear and tear, and get chipped, bruised or the shine can get faded.

Wearing too many jewelry items

It is a big no to wear danglers with a heavy neckpiece. Also, heavy earrings with a layered necklace is an over-do for your attire. It is always better to keep it simple and avoid using too many pieces at the same time. You have to keep in mind that there can be only one statement piece. A chunky neckpiece with a pair of chandelier earrings is a big mistake. Even if the pieces come to you as a set, it is better if you wear it separately. It is always tempting to wear it all, but you have to abstain from overdoing your look.

Spotlight alert

Your jewelry will always draw attention and we all are aware of it. Be it a 1 carat diamond ring or a 5 carat diamond ring on your finger or a small toe ring- you always need to be updated with regular manicure and pedicure. If your jewelry items are drawing all the attention, make it worth a while by polishing your fingers, feet and toes.

Wearing too tight jewelry

Wearing too tight jewelry is not only uncomfortable but also looks bad on you. A piece of jewelry that makes your finger, arm or neck bulge is always bad to look at. It is something not at all visually pleasing. So, the next time you go for purchasing jewelry, it is always advisable to go for the right size of jewelry that perfectly fits you.

Multiple hair accessories spoil it all

Wearing multiple hair accessories looks bad on your hair. It is something that messes up your entire look. Try not to go for multiple hair accessories that will draw all the attention. The focal point should be your ring, dress or your face and not the hair accessories. So, go for minimal hair accessory to balance out your complete look.

Following the crowd

One of the most common faux pas that you need to avoid is to follow the crowds. Most of the women think they should opt for the jewelry pieces that their friends, colleagues are purchasing. A particular form of jewelry that is popular always attracts the attention of a woman. Try not to follow the crowd and go for jewelry pieces that actually match your personality. Not all forms of jewelry look good on you. You need to choose jewelry that suits your skin tone and matches your personality.

Jewelry outshining your personality

One of the most important mistakes that women do is to choose jewelry pieces that outshine your personality. Jewelry is supposed to complete your attire and not outshine your entire look. You have to keep in mind that jewelry should complement your look and not distract from it. Less is more is something that you need to follow while you are choosing jewelry pieces.

These are some of the common jewelry faux pas that you need to avoid while you are getting ready for office, a formal event or even a party. The right form of jewelry adds elegance to your look and personifies your beauty.

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