9 Foolproof Tips to Keep Jewelry in Tiptop Shape During The Winter

Winter is that season where everything in your life requires extra care and protection. From your car and home, to your body, you need to take precautions to protect everything you treasure throughout the season. So is it necessary to protect your jewelry?

Most jewelry lovers do not realize the need to protect their jewelry during this season and inevitably, they regret not protecting jewelry soon enough. Your jewelry collection is a precious treasure that tells an important story about your life. As with other things you own, you need to provide your jewelry with the best care during the extreme winter, both, while they are in storage, as well as while you wear it.

This article highlights jewelry care ideas to use during the cold winter season.

1. Get a Proper Fit

One of the major problems when wearing jewelry during winter is the fact that your fingers constrict, leading to a loose fit. Now that most people have become used to having jewelry on the fingers, they will not stop wearing their beautiful pieces because of the cold. The double risk here is the loss of an expensive ring or costly repairs to a damaged ring if it falls off.

While some people will go for resizing during winter, this is not the best option. A tight ring constrains blood flow and can lead to health problems and you will have to spend more money to resize the same piece come summer. The best idea is to buy a ring guard to hold the ring in place. You will look glamorous even during the cold winter season and there is no risk of losing or damaging your expensive jewelry.

2. Caution When Layering Up

To keep the cold out, you will have to layer up during winter and this poses a problem for jewelry lovers. Many jewelry enthusiasts have had their beautiful diamond solitaire pendants damaged after the pieces snagged on buttons. You might have to pay through the nose to repair damaged jewelry and it is thus advisable to wear your pieces last. When undressing, make sure you remove your jewelry carefully before anything else and avoid wearing jewelry if you plan to go hiking or skiing.

3. Clean Your Pieces Regularly

Whether you wear your pieces during winter or you store them away, it is important to clean them regularly to maintain their sparkle. Grime and dirt will build up over time and you should thus clean the pieces to avoid permanent loss of luster. The last thing you want is to reach into your jewelry box only to find that all the pieces are dull and unappealing.

4. Insure Your Jewelry

If you have not bought an insurance cover for your jewelry, it is time to do so. If you love jewelry, you appreciate how losing one treasured piece feels. During winter, the likelihood of losing or damaging your jewelry is high and it is time you considered buying an insurance policy to protect these valuables. In case of a loss, you will get a replacement and this gives you peace of mind whenever you step out of the house.

5. Take Caution With Winter Gear

If you plan to be out and about during winter, you need accessories such as gloves and mittens. While these are necessary to keep you safe in the cold weather, they also pose a big risk to your jewelry. Ring prongs can snag on your gloves causing damage to an entire ring, which calls for extra care. If you have to wear your winter gear, you can choose to leave your ring at home or be extra careful when wearing and removing such gear.

6. Keep Your Jewelry Dry

During the winter, you will inevitably encounter precipitation and this poses a danger to some form of jewelry. It is important to wipe your jewelry before storage and ensure your jewelry box is always dry. Some metals are susceptible to rust and corrosion hence the need to keep your jewelry dry.

7. Remove Jewelry When Freshening Up

The cold winter weather calls for special skin care using lotion and other products. It is advisable to remove your jewelry before washing your hands and applying lotion.

8. Jewelry Storage For Winter Travel

If you have to travel during winter, you need to pack your jewelry safely. Use a padded storage box to keep your jewelry safe and make sure the box stays dry at all times.

9. Stay Bling-Free When Outdoors

Even with all these precautions, most jewelry lovers end up losing or damaging their pieces during winter. If you enjoy an active lifestyle during winter that includes skiing, hiking and other outdoor activities, it is advisable to leave your jewelry at home. This will avert costly replacements or repairs if your jewelry falls off or gets lost. You can always wear the necessary pieces for indoor events.

Winter poses many challenges and if you love your jewelry, you have to appreciate this and take extra care of your pieces. Make sure you get ring guards to keep your rings on your finger and clean your pieces regularly. Avoid exposing your jewelry to water and keep your storage box dry at all times. More importantly, take care when layering up to avoid damaging your jewelry.

Always wear your jewelry last and remove these accessories first when undressing. No one said you could not look glamorous with your jewelry during winter. Go on and take these precautions and you are good to go.

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