Shopping For the Perfect Wedding Set? Here Are Some Tips for You

When it comes to buying an engagement or wedding ring, most men dread the experience. The task forces them to spend hours hopping from one store to the other. With so many options to choose from, this herculean task becomes even more difficult. However, opting for a wedding set provides a way out of this arduous process.

If you plan to shop for an engagement ring, you can make things easier by looking for a wedding set – a set of an engagement and wedding ring. It is easier to shop for a wedding set and you get to save a lot of money. Of course, you still have a lot of work to do but you are in luck because this article gives you invaluable tips to buy the perfect wedding set.

Why Go For a Wedding Set?

If you have decided to propose to your partner with a dazzling engagement ring, you would have to shop up and down for the perfect style and, setting among other things. After that, you would still need to go back for your wedding band. All this requires time. The easier option would be to shop from among available zirconia wedding sets to find all these pieces together.

You can save time and money by shopping for both rings at the same time and buying them from the same jeweler. It is also easier to customize the wedding set you choose to buy. The harmony created by the similarity of the rings adds a dash of style to the special occasion. Whatever ring design you have in mind, your jeweler can deliver it as a set to save you the hassle of hopping from one store to the other.

Tips to Buy the Perfect Wedding Set

The popularity of wedding sets among couples has seen more jewelry designers adding beautiful products in their collections. As such, you still have some work to do to get the idyllic wedding set for your big day. Below are some tips to help you put:

1. Start With a Fixed Budget

If you hit the jewelry stores without fixing a budget for your wedding rings, the outcome is always bad. Once you look at the beautiful collection, all your rational thinking could go out of the window and you could end up overshooting any vague budget you had in mind. This in turn could ruin the rest of your wedding plans. Sit down with your partner and look at your finances. Set a fixed price for the wedding set before you start shopping.

2. Start Your Research Early

Most couples wait until the last minute to go to their preferred jeweler. In most cases, jewelers take orders in advance before the wedding season kicks off and you might have to pay more when you contact them for your wedding set, especially if you call during the wedding season. To avoid such hiccups, start your search early.

3. Collaborate in Your Shopping

Every groom would love to shop for all the rings but if you want to achieve the desired impact, it is advisable to bring your partner onboard. Now, your partner has a say in both her engagement ring and the wedding ring because these rings will stay on her fingers every day for the rest of her life. Having them onboard would ensure that they love the rings you get them.

By collaborating about your shopping, you will minimize the chances of making mistakes and the bride to be will get jewelry she loves. You also save time and money when working together. Customizing your wedding set is also easier when you shop together.

4. Decide on the Ring Style

With wedding jewelry taking prominence in the industry, you have a variety of options from which to choose. You can also borrow inspiration from collections across the globe because many of the items are available online. Take time to browse through wedding jewelry collections and find the best ring designs that suit your taste, lifestyle and personality.

5. Buy Complementary Rings

It is important to work closely with your jeweler to ensure that the different rings that make up the wedding set complement each other. Some ring styles cannot work together and however much you desire to wear such a ring, it becomes impractical when worn with other rings as a part of a set. Talk to your jeweler and decide on a ring setting that works harmoniously. The overall look for the wedding set should be harmonious with seamless lines.

6. Get Bold With the Styling

While it is important to consider harmony in your ring setting, nothing should hold you back from mixing different styles and colors for your rings. Combining white gold or platinum with diamond will work magic on your wedding set. Different metals bring out the best in each other due to differences in their qualities. There are no limits to the combinations you can use for your wedding set to achieve the desired effect.

7. Consider Your Different Needs

You should start your shopping for a wedding set by first evaluating your unique needs. For instance, your partner could be allergic to nickel, which would mean no yellow gold on the engagement and wedding ring. On the other hand, you might be in love with yellow gold for personal reasons. Such differences need to be considered to guarantee that the wedding set is customized to suit your requirements.

It is also important to consider the durability of the materials you choose, ease of maintenance, warranty for the wedding set and your lifestyles. Go for a wedding set that suits your budget, lifestyle, and personality. You should also work with a reputable jeweler who is ready to listen to your needs. Take time to explore available styles before narrowing down and choosing the perfect wedding set.

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