Ideas for Appropriate Jewelry to Wear on a First Date

It is never easy to choose what to wear on a first date. The question has troubled women for years and the debate rages on. You have so much to consider including the outfit, makeup and accessories. One of the most complicated items to choose from among all of these is the jewelry.

Truth be told, that debate of what jewelry to wear for the first date will not end soon and if you have a first date coming up, it is time to make up your mind fast. In this article, you will find some ideas to guide you with choosing the right jewelry such as diamond eternity rings, bracelets, rings etc. and can guarantee that you enjoy the moment.

Why Worry About First-Date Jewelry?

For ages, women have not only used jewelry as accessories but as a medium to convey specific messages. For instance, wearing a large ring on the ring finger of the left hand during a first date will send the wrong message just as wearing a cheap plastic choker would also ring alarm bells. On the other hand, wearing a subtle diamond bracelet projects that the wearer is comfortable and confident. In other words, you have to take time to consider the jewelry you wear lest you ruin the whole moment by sending your date the wrong signals.

Jewelry Tips for Your First Date

While there is no rulebook that dictates what the best jewelry to wear on a first date would be, there are some tips from relationship experts and fashion designers that can help you out. Have a look at some of these ideas:

1. Go for a balanced look: However much you may love gaudy jewelry, it is time to tone it down and go for a mature, balanced look instead. A mismatched combination of accessories will confuse your date and they might misconstrue it to mean you are clueless in life.

2. Accentuate the positive: You should use jewelry pieces creatively to accentuate and draw the eye to your best features. For instance, if you have a beautiful face you need to choose a great pair of earrings to draw attention to your facial features. A beautiful necklace will draw attention to your slender graceful neck, while a beautiful ring will call attention to your lovely hands.

3. Let your personality shine: If you have opted to wear jewelry during your first date, make sure you pick accessories that reflect your personality. Choose a statement piece that lets your personality shine. Your date will love your boldness.

4. Have fun with your jewelry: Do not try to impress too much. Instead, choose jewelry that you are comfortable wearing. Do not go shopping for new that do not resonate with your look or personality because your date will see through it.

5. Choose jewelry that fits the venue: The venue of your first date can dictate what form of jewelry to wear. For instance, if your date has invited you to a gala, you need to choose elegant jewelry that suits such a place. If you are having dinner at a posh restaurant, the jewelry you choose must also reflect the environment. For an outdoors outing, of course, you have to pick casual and comfortable jewelry.

Jewelry Ideas for Your First Date

Now that you appreciate the importance of the right type of jewelry, why not look at some suggestions. Here you go:

1. Romantic necklace: Necklaces are popular for first dates because it is hard to send the wrong signal when you wear the right one. You can choose a stunning pendant as your statement piece to attract your date’s attention while giving you an opportunity to learn more about them. Although there are many necklace styles to choose from, remember to go for elegance during the first date.

2. Watches: You can never go wrong with a beautiful designer watch. It oozes class, confidence and style that your date will notice. There are stunning watches in the market today and you can always buy one as a statement piece for your look.

3. Stud earrings: Diamond studs or any other type of studs can boost your fashion style instantly, as they are versatile for many venues. They are simple to wear and you can use them to accentuate your beautiful face. Diamond studs show your feminine side elegantly and your date will notice this. You can never go with studs because they are subtle yet stylish.

4. Gold bracelet: If you have beautiful slender hands, why not accentuate them with a beautiful bracelet? While there are so many types of bracelets on the market, you have to choose an elegant piece that does not look cheap. Avoid stacking bracelets because you might end up looking disorganized.

5. Elegant ring: Go for a beautiful ring that has a glamorous gemstone. Do not wear it on the ring finger.

The Big Nos For First Date Jewelry

Now, there are some jewelry ideas that you must avoid on the first date. These include wearing big, bright bangles, a dark choker, messy necklace layering, giant brooch, plastic necklaces, layers of pearl necklace, jewelry set, multiple rings and multiple earrings. These might look beautiful on any other day but not for your first date. Remember the idea is to look elegant and comfortable in your outfit without calling too much attention to your accessories.

If you wear your jewelry right on the first date, who knows, your date may just read the right signs. A few years down the line, your date could be scouring through collections of diamond eternity rings to find one that befits you.

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