Superb Gift Ideas for the time In Between An Engagement and A Wedding

Most couples find that the time between their engagement and the wedding is hectic. With so much planning to do and preparations to complete, the time passes by in a blur. One way of making things more memorable is by surprising each other with gifts.

Gifting can make an otherwise tense period bearable. Your friends and family can also give gifts during the engagement to celebrate this big step. Well with the large number of options available, choosing the right gift for this period is not easy. This article explores a wide range of gift ideas suitable for this time.

Gifts ideas For Family and Friends

1. A Wedding Planner

After the engagement, the next big event is a wedding. If you are a friend of the couple, you can surprise them by employing a customized wedding planner to help them. This is also an ideal gift from the groom to the bride to be.

The services that an experienced wedding planner provides will not only serve as a beautiful gift but will also prove to be a practical one. You can now find planners with wedding planning guides, tips and other helpful information. It is a gift that every couple will appreciate and treasure.

2. Bottle of Bubbly

An engagement is, without doubt, a moment to celebrate. However, a couple may still have a lot of apprehension about the next big step. To make things easier, family and friends should think of gift ideas that will enliven the mood. Your newly engaged friends will not mind celebrating with an exquisite bottle of champagne.

Go for the best bottle that the couple will love such as Dom PerignonBrut Vintage 1996,Marc Hébrart Brut Special Club 2009, Billecart-Salmon Brut, Krug 2003 or Dom Pérignon Brut Rosé, André Clouet Rosé, Krug “Clos d’Ambonnay 1998, or other such special bottles.

3. Cake Server Set

You have to think outside the box when looking for a gift for a newly engaged couple. The last thing you want is to present them with a gift that is similar to what they received from someone else. One of the unique gifts you can think of is a cake server set.

Yes, not many people would come up with this idea and if you go for a timeless classic design, you can bet that the couple will use these tools for when they cut their wedding cake. They will treasure this gift for a long time and if it is customized with a lovely message, the couple will love it more.

4. Inspiring Collection of Recipes

Every couple expects to settle down in their family home and enjoy home-cooked meals soon. The day when they had to order takeaway will soon come to an end and what better way to prepare them for the eventuality than with an inspiring collection of recipes?

A good recipe collection covers a broad area from stocking the pantry to making meals and your couple friend will enjoy the gift.

5. Customized Chic Cutting Board

You have to think smart if you want to impress your newly engaged friends with the gift you buy them. Gifting a customized cutting board for the kitchen or bar, with the “Mr & Mrs” moniker on it, is a creative gift that many of the guests won’t think of. Look for beautiful calligraphy when customizing the cutting board to give is a personal touch.

6. Crystal Vase

Who does not love a crystal vase? Many people overlook this as a unique gift option. However, it is both beautiful and practical. These vases come in so many different designs making it easy to find one that is both unique and magnificent.

7. His And Hers Chic Robes

Your favorite couple is about to move in together and you need to come up with a special gift for them. A pair of “His and her” luxury bathrobes will work perfectly. They will appreciate the thought.

8. Custom Mugs/Glass Toppers

Go for custom mugs and glass toppers because they will come in handy in the life of the newly engaged couple.

Gifts for Him And Her

The couple will exchange gifts at the time of and after the engagement. These gifts could come in many forms. Some popular gift ideas you could consider are:

  1. Jewelry: Your lady loves jewelry and in addition to the beautiful diamond engagement ring, you can also gift her a diamond tennis bracelet to complete the look. Other brilliant jewelry ideas for her include a gold pendant and diamond stud earrings, to name a few. For the groom, gold/platinum cufflinks will do during this period.
  2. Designer watch: You can never go wrong with a beautiful watch for your spouse. Most of the biggest brands sell beautiful watches for women. The bride to be can also surprise the groom with a gold watch.
  3. Customized tie clip: This is a special and practical gift for him and every time he dresses up, the message will remind him of how lucky he is.
  4. A sophisticated decanter: This is a perfect gift for him, now that you expect a lot of toasting to happen during this period. To make this a special gift, personalize the glass spirit holder with his initials. You could look for his favorite whiskey and fill the decanter before presenting it to him.
  5. Beautiful set of socks: Yes, men are poor at buying socks and he will appreciate the gift. It is a fun gift that will set the mood for good things to come.
  6. Classic leather valet: Help him keep everything organized with a leather valet, ideal for storing watches, cuff links and keys.

There are many gift ideas to choose for the period between the engagement and the wedding. Whether for family or for friends or for a couple you know, the gift ideas chosen must be fresh and with a personal touch.

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