Gifting a Gift with Meaning: A Promise Ring

When it comes to expressing your commitment to someone, there is no argument that a ring is a perfect gift. You can find a plethora of rings at any jewelry store and if this is your first time shopping for a ring, this can confuse you. One of the most confusing of these is the promise ring and many couples experience a rough time when they go shopping for a promise ring. Although it also shows devotion to other causes, a promise ring expresses a commitment to a relationship.

It serves a purpose similar to that of an engagement ring and this is where all the confusion starts. Now, they say information is power and in this case, you need to learn as much as you can about this type of ring before you go shopping for one. If you are in love, this article will help you understand the promise ring and know when you can gift your partner one. Keep reading.

The Promise Ring in Brief

While it is not as old as the engagement ring, the promise dates back to the 1500s. A posy ring was a type of promise ring worn in 16th century England and featured lines from romantic poems or other short messages engraved on it. Acrostic rings appeared centuries later during the Georgian and Victorian eras. In all these cases, the purpose of the ring was to show commitment to a relationship.

Today celebrity culture in America has brought back the popularity of these rings. From Kylie Jenner, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Lauren Potter, Timothy Spear, Emma Roberts to Katy Perry, many celebrity couples now wear elegant promise rings to symbolize commitment.

The bottom line is this; a promise ring is a gift that symbolizes your commitment to a relationship. In some cases, it serves as a pre-engagement ring. If you have been in a relationship for some time and you feel like moving to the next level, this is the ring to use. It can act as a stand-in ring before you finally get the financial courage to buy a beautiful engagement ring.

These rings are mostly plain but you can also go for an elaborate ring set with precious stones. These days it is easy to find elegant diamond promise rings in jewelry stores. When you choose a diamond, a small one will work because you plan to invest in an expensive ring shortly.

What does a Promise Ring Symbolize?

If you are still not sure whether you wish to buy an engagement or a promise ring, the following should help you.

1. Abstinence

Many young couples use these rings to commit to purity during their relationship until marriage. It is perfect for when a couple is not always together, as the ring serves as a physical reminder of the commitment that each of you made.

2. Friendship

Many childhood friends discover the meaning of lasting relationships early in life. To stay close, they gift each other promise rings. Over the years, this ring serves as a reminder, and many friends have confessed these rings bring them back together many years later.

3. Blossoming Romance

When you are young and in love, you would like things to work out quickly. However, that is not how it works always. For instance, you would love to gift your partner a glamorous engagement ring and a dream wedding. However, after college, you have education loans to repay and many other commitments. A beautiful promise ring comes in handy here to express your commitment to a relationship in style. Your partner will recognize the seriousness of your love, and they will appreciate the gesture.

4. Commitment to Yourself

When you make a commitment in your life especially after a rough patch, you need something to remind you of your decision always. A promise ring comes in handy to remind you of your commitment and adds to your resolve. You will feel determined to stay true to your commitment when you look and touch your promise ring. It works for instance when recovering from addicts.

Difference between an Engagement and Promise Ring

Some of these differences include:

The meaning: An engagement ring is the last step before marriage but a promise ring does not give such a huge commitment. Your promise ring can also serve other purposes, unlike an engagement ring whose purpose is singular.

Style and design: Promise rings are simple because there is an understanding that another ring will take its place. As such, you do not have to spend a lot of money on a promise ring. An engagement ring, on the other hand, has to be elegant and glamorous because it is the most important jewelry in the entire wedding process.

Wearing/ position: A promise ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand as a temporary option before the engagement ring takes its rightful position later. If the ring is not for any romantic purposes, it should go to a finger on the right hand to avoid any confusion.

Promise Ring Etiquette

A promise ring carries a lot of meaning and you must explain its meaning to the recipient. More importantly, gift this ring only if you are serious about the commitment. Finally, present the ring in private to avoid any confusion.

With this insight, you can now hit the stores and compare diamond promise rings to find one that suits your needs. Remember to buy the ring from a reputable jeweler and buy a piece that suits the style and taste of the recipient.

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